Toggl Button Integration With Google Drive And More

Toggl Button Integrates With

Toggl Button Chrome extension now supports 5 new services and is used by more than 5400 togglers already. Join them and grab your button from the Chrome webstore!

The new additional integrations are:

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Special thanks to WatchSteveDrum for adding 3 new services!

I would also like to thank jamonholmgren,  1ed,  lancelothk,  aymanrb,  dpashkevich,  remik,  herkyl,  ivorothschild,  bulyshko for their contribution.

By On May 1, 2014

  1. With google drive, is there a possibility to set up a timer depending on what cell or row/column you are working on for individual tasks set out. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  2. I also can’t see the the Toggl button in the menu bar (Chrome on OSX). Could ScriptSafe be stopping it appearing?

  3. I’m not seeing the Toggl button on Producteev. I’ve looked all over the task details pane. Don’t see it.

    I do see a grey Toggl button in the Chrome address bar (when I’m not using the Chrome desktop app) while logged into my Producteev account, but clicking on it only brings me to where I’m asked to log in even though I already am.

  4. It’d be super-nice to see Google Calendar integration as well. If I could just click the Toggl button next to a meeting on my calendar and have it add a manual entry, that’d be a huge time saver.

  5. You call it Redbooth integration, but it’s not supporting Redbooth, it’s supporting Teambox, what is the outdated former version of Redbooth, so it’s completely unusable, as it makes no sense to work with this outdated version.

    The other criticle point is, It’s just sending new tasks every time you use it. It’s not creating a project in Toggl and also not remembering the project for the next time you work on the same task. Means, at first you have to create new projects for all tasks in Toggl and then you have to connect all new tasks created via “Toggl Button” to the concerning projects.

    I would prefer a real sync between Toggl and Redbooth. Where it’s possible to sync all time entries between both tools, independent of, where you tracked the time.