How do you know that people are working hard – the only noise they make are the sounds of the keyboard or mouse. I know you’ve noticed that we have kind of kept quiet about the Toggl Button updates. It’s time to share the recent developments of Toggl Button.

Toggl Button is still gaining momentum and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Chrome extension has close to 30 000 users and in the last month alone we’ve added 7 new tools. Please welcome Taiga, Esa, HabitRPG, Axosoft, Countersoft Gemini, issue tracker and Help Scout to the Toggl Button family. For these contributions we want to thank olegerm, polidog, donbobka, garjitech, SaarCohen, mglaman and JoshEpic.

Toggl Button tip: If you want to have a better visual of where the Toggl Button should appear in your favorite tool, you can check out this wiki page that has screenshots of Toggl Button placement in most of the supported tools. We are adding new screenshot as we go so that all tools are covered.

Happy Toggling!