Toggl Button Now Lets You Edit Time Entry Descriptions

Yes, we made it even simpler to track your tasks.

If you don’t know what the Toggl Button is, you can read about it here. Basically, it’s a browser extension for Google Chrome, allowing you to track your time without switching tabs or apps.

More importantly – it also works inside 40+ other tools, including Trello, Teamweek, Google Calendar and Basecamp.

It’s one of our most successful experiments-turned-feature, with over 50,000 users. What’s more amazing, is that most of it’s integrations are developed by you, the Toggl community.


If you don’t have the button yet, you can grab the extension here.

How to edit the description field

Once you’ve added it to your browser, you can open it to see your running timer and access settings:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 14.40.08

To open the time entry description field and project/tag selection, simply click on the running timer. Now you’ve got this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 14.41.11

Voila! It doesn’t get easier than this, does it?

The description field alone is a pretty big addition, opening up an array of possibilities, but in case you’re wondering what else is new, here’s the full change log for this release:

– Added Edit form to extension popup

– Added support for

– Added support for Assembla

– Fixed Basecamp “Start timer” link issues

– Fixed Any.Do description issue

– Fixed Google Drive “Start timer” link

We’ll of course continue working on the Button, but as mentioned before, a lot of the inspiration and actual functionalities come from you, the users. So if you feel like you want to contribute, simply head on over to the Toggl Button Github repo.


Want a quick overview of how the Button works? Here’s a quick demo, featuring Google Calendar.

Want to know what’s up with other Toggl apps? You can read about the most recent Toggl mobile plans here and Desktop news here.

By On August 26, 2015

  1. Great extension; it is a remarkably easy way to integrate time tracking with task management software such Asana.

  2. Maybe I ate too much fruit but I’m crushing very hard on how innovative you guys are. Toggl is really one of the few apps that is constantly getting better and more complex while still being so easy to use. Just wanted to leave some love here because you’re making my work days very pleasant.

    from WhyStuffIsGreat

  3. Hi! The new feature is really great, since I can start/stop tracking directly from the Toggl button. But it’s pretty odd to fill the task name every time I resume an ongoing task after an interruption, so it would be really useful to have an option like ‘Resume last entry’ in the extension menu.

  4. @Mart: just being able to start an event from GCal is almost useless for me. I was referring to the fact that advertised a few weeks ago the intergration between GCal and Toggle and in fact they were talking about Zapier which is not free (free will give you just very limited options). Make this integration happen guys and I can assure you’ll get a lot of love! To be able to track the toggl entries directly in GCal would be priceless for many of us.

    • @George Thank you for the feedback. Toggl Button is meant to only be for real time tracking. The functionality you are proposing is more like creating time entries with certain duration. This has never been the aim of the Toggl Button Chrome extension.

  5. Please keep these types of improvements coming to the dedicated Mac app. A dedicated app is still the best method for time tracking. Do people really do it through a browser? What’s the workflow for making that an effective approach? I’m curious.

  6. 1 with what Dan noticed. I also seem to have lost auto-syncing from button to tabbed. Refresh is the work-around.

    Please post back here or on your blog when you’ve got it nipped.