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Put Toggl Button inside a website, win an iPad

It’s contest time! We’re giving away one iPad and two Raspberry Pi’s for new integrations with our open source Toggl Button project.


How do I participate?

Just head over to the Toggl Button Github repo, fork the project and hack away! All approved integrations submitted before February 15th are eligible for entry.

Any rules?

Yes, but we’re keeping it pretty casual.

To read about the modest conditions and winning criteria, simply click here.

What is the Toggl Button?

The Toggl Button is a Chrome extension that adds a small Toggl timer to your browser. It also works inside 50+ other apps, letting you track your time without switching windows.

Amazingly, most of these integrations have been developed by our community.

With this contest, we want to celebrate the most powerful driving force behind Toggl’s success – You, the user. Not only do we rely on Your valuable feedback and experience when designing Toggl, but we’ve been incredibly excited to see people willing to put in their own development time to shape the product.

We hope this small challenge gives you something back (if nothing else, then perhaps a few new useful integrations).


Good luck!

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By On January 11, 2016

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