Toggl Button Developer Challenge Winners!

The Toggl Button contest is over and we have our winners.

Big thanks to everyone who participated – thanks to you the Toggl Button is now more useful than ever.

After our Toggl Button sensei Indrek reviewed all the pull requests,we were left with 16 new integrations. We’ll be pushing them live in a couple of weeks so stay tuned here, or on our Facebook or Twitter for the updates on that.


OK, back to the campaign. To pick our Grand Prix winner, we organised ourselves a good old fashioned raffle. We put all the names in a bin, gave it a toss and picked out a crumpled piece of paper.

The Winners

The Grand Prix

elizabeth bradley so much win


Elizabeth Bradley!

Congratulations – you’ll be receiving your iPad and Raspberry Pi soon.

Elizabeth entered the race with two integrations – Kanbanery & Planbox.

The Second Prize

For the second prize, we organised a vote among the Toggl staff. The winning integration was relevant, clean and overall well placed into the parent app.

The winner?

David Cabrera Primo, with a Toggl Button integration for Sunrise Calendar. One Raspberry Pi coming up, good sir!



Congrats again to all the winners and a big “thank you” to all who took part.

If you’re not using the Toggl Button yet, you can grab it at the Chrome web store. Currently the timer integration works inside 50+ other tools and is used by nearly 80,000 people.

And as always, if you want to have a say in Toggl’s development matters, check out our GitHub repos for the Toggl mobile apps, the Desktop versions and of course the Toggl Button.


Happy Toggling!

By On February 22, 2016