Toggl 3.0 is out of beta!

Toggl 3.0 is now the default version to new users and replaces the old version at The old version is still accessible at until the end of this year.

We experienced some performance issues during the upgrade that were caused by server configuration. We are sorry about that and everything is working fine again!


Toggl Team

By On October 26, 2010

  1. […] the new version launch this Tuesday, we have had a lot of not-so-good feedback from our users. It seems that many […]

  2. I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only one who has issues with the new interface and changes to Toggl’s functionality. Nor did I expect this, after reading a lot of the comments to the Beta release of version 3.0

    To the owners and developers of Toggl, I hope to write you an email in the next few days to help explain the position that I, and likely many other users take in the change of your service. I will gladly help in any way that I can in getting you to understand our pleas here, and why our opinions are vitally important both to us and to you. Perhaps the one-on-one level of communication by email will be additionally helpful, beyond just blog comments.

    For other readers of this post, if you agree or disagree with the changing of Toggl I would STRONGLY encourage you to speak up. It can be difficult for developers to know their users’ true opinions, and your feedback is so helpful to them in improving Toggl and keeping it the best time tracker available, paid or not!

    I hope we’ll all be heard and understood, and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the community has to say.

  3. I too agree with all the above comments.

    The easy, one-click start stop functionality for a task is a must.

    Being able to mark a task billable or not in the free version is also essential.

    As a small non-profit toggl has been a great program for time tracking; however the new interface does not meet our needs.

    I urge you to reinstate these functions into the new toggl look.

  4. I agree with the above comments – I use toggl to track my tasks and really just want the ability to quickly enter the task description, project, and duration. Not a fan of the new version..

  5. You simply don’t change the entire interface of the app every 9 months… I’m sorry but I’m with Toggl since the very beginning and I’ve seen all the interface changes… But this is for the worts in my opinion. I will try to get used to it but I’m already searching for alternatives.

    For me this is change just for the sake of change.

  6. I third Blaine’s comments. I like having a button to click on and off, I got used to it and was happy with the functionality. This new way – I might as well skip toggl and enter my time into basecamp. Please keep the old available until these issues are addressed.

  7. I’m really getting tired of having to change the way I do things every time there is a new toggl version. PDF export is now gone? No mention of that in the toggl 3.0 post.

    I’m still seeing how you handle the “grouping” as I for one do not want to have multiple entries every time I start and stop a project in a single day. Having multiple entries would be a mess when it’s time to enter my time in the corporate timecard app.

    I realize I’m probably the minority, so sucks for me.

    I think you’ve finally pushed me to write my own that works they way I want it and doesn’t force me to change things every few month.

  8. Agreed, Blaine. I was getting ready to pitch Toggl to my firm, but I can’t offer something that doesn’t even have start/stop time-tracking. No pdf export is also a deal-breaker. I really hope this gets re-integrated.