Timer Nano is now in public beta


We just launched a new version of Toggl. There were some minor improvements but the main thing is that we made Timer Nano available to all our users.

You can switch between the classic Timer and the Nano from the Toggl main view. Give Nano a shot a let us know what you think!

Toggl Team

By On May 6, 2009

  1. just got the trial. so far so good. what would make this perfect is if i had a way to enter items through my blackberry in addition to gmail. keep up the good work.

  2. Love the new version. I’ve been using your product for the last several weeks with great results.

    I’d like to see two features added to the already excellent product:
    1. Ability to mark tasks as “reported”/”invoiced”; this would need to be done for specific fragments as I may work on a task in the morning, let’s say for 2 hours, then report it and continue to work on it for 3 more hours. I’d like to see at the end of the day that I already reported 2 and only need to report 3. I can have a separate task, but it’s more convenient to keep it as one task.
    2. Ability to see the timeline. Having this one (with some additional features) will give me most of the information I need to reporting purposes. I’d like to see all tasks I worked on in a period as a timeline, ideally with some metrics on how much switching I had and with marking slices of “under-reported” time.

  3. Hi, this looks pretty neat! However, you guys don’t have a link!!! Woah!

    Would be nice to link to a download or page in the post. Also, there’s no link to the toggl homepage on the blog. Might be useful to add it somewhere 🙂