Time Management Tools For Successful People

Successful people and time management

Time is the most valuable resource that we have so we must use it very wisely. Fortunately there are lots of apps and tools that help us get better at our time management and be more successful. Here are the best free(!) time management tools and apps that are available on the web.

Monitor your time usage

Toggl online timer, time monitoring, time management tool

Toggl Online Timer (Web, Apps, Desktop, Chrome Extension)

Toggl is great for finding out where your time goes. Track your activities and Toggl will generate beautiful reports and graphs that help you figure out what to improve, which clients to drop and what time consuming habits to change.

Prioritize everyday tasks task list

Any.Do Task List (Apps & Chrome Extension)

This app helps you prioritize all the stuff that needs to get done. Since there are always a million things to do you have to know what are the task that are actually important for achieving your goals.

Organize your stuff


Google Drive (Web, Apps, Desktop)

Everybody has multiple digital devices these days and this means that accessing your files could become a real headache. Google Drive lets you store all your stuff nicely in the cloud and access it whenever and wherever you need it.

By On July 28, 2014

  1. nice short article! I think applications like are overly focused on lists though for their todo’s. Similar in spirit as how toggle allows you to see where chunks of your time went do, also your tasks deserve more of a “time” dimension. Things like Sheldonize (disclaimer: I’m a co-founder), automatically spread out tasks over your week. You can set estimated durations (that you could have learned from your toggle logs for example) that will be taken into account.