4 Funny Animated Time Management Moments

I think we’ve all been in one of these situations at least once. Yes, we are admitting it without guilt! Time management is tricky and here are some situations we all probably recognize.

I should be working, but…

Funny GIFs

Suddenly, project deadline arrived


Finished big project, forgot to fix embarrasing typo

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At least finished mandatory blog post*

Funny GIFs


*Right now, the Toggl team is in Italy on a creative “Toggl Challenge” trip and one part of the “Challenge” is for every team to publish a blog post. We have 4 teams and the team to collect most page views will receive a prize. We also have great weather and Italian vino. This is my team’s post, please share it! 🙂

By On May 4, 2013

  1. Great post – gave me a good chuckle.
    I think one of the most important things I learned about time management was to make sure that the tasks you focus on are the ones that will lead you to your goal.
    Too much time spent on tasks that don’t relate to your goal results in no goals being achieved.