The timers now support offline mode


We released a new version of Toggl. There are improvements with both of our timers: the Nano and the classic Timer. Namely now they support offline usage (available only on browsers that support HTML5 – Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4; and Toggl Widget).

That means if you track tasks while not connected to the Internet, the tasks won’t get lost. They will be posted to the server when you connect to the Internet again.

If you use the timer inside the Toggl web page to track time, then the time tracked offline will be kept as long as you have the browser window opened.

When you use the Toggl Widget, the time tracked while offline is preserved even when you close the widget.

If you already don’t use the widget, then:

NB! Offline mode is still in the beta stage. That means it mostly works but there might be some glitches.


Toggl Team

By On June 19, 2009

  1. Rudi, you don’t need anything else to be installed. Try right-clicking in the white area and selecting “Reload”. Or you can try closing and reopening the widget.

  2. After downloading and installing the Mac version on 10.5.6 I just get a resizable white box with no contents.

    anyclues? do I need something else installed?

  3. Hi Marcus, Widget will eventually replace Toggl Desktop. But, TDesktop will remain available until Widget is working correctly with offline and other features TDesktop currently has.

    In August we’ll launch a next version of Widget, with several improvements and fixes.

  4. As far as can I understand Toggle Widget doesn’t support full offline mode, however you noticed on the download page that Toggle Desktop won’t be developed anymore… Is that mean that there will be no possibility to work in full-offline mode at all ?

    Please tell me that’s not true 🙂

  5. Loaded up the widget this morning and search seems to be working again. Thanks so much for the speedy fixes.

  6. Helen. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? Please try that and let us know if something changes.

    Christian. Yes, there is an error with the search box. It will be fixed soon.

    Additionally, there seems to be a problem with Google Chrome. Namely, it does not stop the task when it’s running. It shows that is stopped the task but in reality it keeps running. Other browsers seem not to have this issue.

    We are very sorry for the inconveniences these errors are causing and we’re already working on fixing them.

    Toggl Team

  7. Since 19th June [same date as new release] I’ve noticed that the web version of Toggl is not working for me on OS X. It doesn’t load tasks, or save properly unless I log out and back in again in between each one!

    If I log into Toggl on a Windows computer it works fine. Could this be a bug? I’ve tried both Firefox and Safari on the Mac; neither will work, but Firefox on Windows does work. Any idea what’s happening or whether other Mac users are having similar problems?


  8. Hi Jaanus,

    thanks for the tip, unfortunately the depencies are not included in Hardy at all… I went back to version 1.3.1, will try again after I update to Jaunty. That’ll be a while, though.