We released a new version of Toggl. There are improvements with both of our timers: the Nano and the classic Timer. Namely now they support offline usage (available only on browsers that support HTML5 – Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4; and Toggl Widget).

That means if you track tasks while not connected to the Internet, the tasks won’t get lost. They will be posted to the server when you connect to the Internet again.

If you use the timer inside the Toggl web page to track time, then the time tracked offline will be kept as long as you have the browser window opened.

When you use the Toggl Widget, the time tracked while offline is preserved even when you close the widget.

If you already don’t use the widget, then:

NB! Offline mode is still in the beta stage. That means it mostly works but there might be some glitches.


Toggl Team