This is a behind-the-scenes blogpost about New Toggl, more from the viewpoint of why, not what.

Let me start off with an analogy. Let’s assume you want to build a house. As the finances are tight and it’s only for one person you start out by building a hut. It’s nice and cosy and sufficient for you. Then as the family grows you need to add more room. You build a second floor, add another bathroom, garage – and you’ll start noticing there are cracks in the foundation. And one day you’ll need to add another floor to it…

The same has been happening with Toggl. It started out as a hobby years ago and turned out as the best time tracking tool on the web. It has seen several major UI remakes, we have switched technologies along the way and the whole cloud computing concept has mightily evolved over the years. This left us in a situation where we couldn’t really make any big changes to how Toggl really works. It was like continuously scratching the itch, instead of taking a refreshing shower. And in the meantime the tablet revolution happened…

In the beginning of this year we finally decided to take the plunge. We feel the core functionality of Toggl had been settled over the years. What it desperately needed in fact, was a major push on usability, cleanliness and obviousness. We listed some main concepts of what the New Toggl should be:

  • It has to look and feel modern;
  • It has to be really fast;
  • It needs to be touch friendly from the start (tablets, anyone?);
  • It has to use new technologies to be able to scale and improve further.

So we started gathering feedback from our users to find out what kinds of issues they were facing with current Toggl. We have conducted more than 100 face-to-face meetings with actual users over the year, we have read through all the e-mails sent to support and gathered comments from Twitter and our Blog. So to summarize, here’s what was requested most frequently:

  • A more flexible way to manage teams;
  • More notifications;
  • More options for reports;
  • Better overview of how the team is doing;
  • Better Mobile version.

So yes, we have listened and the New Toggl is finally here. Development is progressing nicely. We are evaluating all the feedback constantly and there will be more updates in the coming weeks which we’ll announce in our Blog. And in the meantime please do use the New Toggl and send us your feedback – only this will make Toggl even better than it is now!