The Future and (recent) Past of Toggl Desktop

Fast forward 3 months and quite a lot has changed since the last time we posted about our plans for Toggl Desktop.

Today I would like to give you another update, talking about the changes of the last few months, and going over what we have planned for the next quarter.

The last three months

We have been very busy over the last few months with improving and adding countless features – as well as fixing a lot of bugs – in Toggl Desktop. The full list of changes is much too long to go into detail on, but I would like to mention the major highlights to give you an overview of where we are heading.

More transparent development

One big goal for us during the last three months was to increase the transparency of our development process. While Toggl Desktop was open source before, we have mostly discussed out plans internally, and only shared them every now and then. Additionally, there was no easy way of finding out what changes were including in any of the many updates to Toggl Desktop.

This has all changed. We are now keeping a public changelog where you can see all the changes of all our updates.


In addition, we are also releasing our quarterly schedules and plans and even keep them up to date by crossing out everything that is already done.

Lastly, we compiled a page where everyone can see a full list of features to see and compare which features are included on different platforms.

Improvements to Windows application

A lot of the work of the last few months has gone into the Windows version of Toggl Desktop. Among other improvements, we finished rewriting the entire interface in the much better WPF framework, for better responsiveness and esthetics of the app. It also makes it much easier for us to make further changes and improvements, as well as include new features in the future.

Toggl Desktop on Windows now also includes full keyboard controls, allowing you to use all features of the app without having to use a mouse.

We also released the Autotracker, a system that reminds you to track specific projects based on what programs you are using.

Toggl automatic tracking feature settings

Other smaller features include the default project setting, and the ability to select project colours when creating projects, as well as being able to start time entries from the clipboard using the Ctrl+V shortcut.

These last changes are also part of Toggl Desktop on OSX.

Lastly, the latest windows beta includes a new setting that many of you have been asking for: The ability to keep end-times fixed, when editing start-times. You can find this setting in the preferences of the app.

You can read more about the changes to the Windows app in our recent post on the topic.

Toggl Desktop 7.3

With all these changes, we decided it was time to bump the minor version number of Toggl Desktop up by one. This is why a few weeks ago, we released the first version of Toggl Desktop 7.3.

We are convinced that this version of the app is the best we have released so far, and would encourage everyone to upgrade if you have not already done so.

Note that as a consequence of our rapid development, we deprecated Toggl Desktop versions 7.1 and below. This means that you can no longer use these old versions to track your time.

The future of Toggl Desktop

We are very happy with where and what Toggl Desktop is right now. This is why one of our main concerns for the coming months will be to further improve on what we have by polishing the current app, and ironing out any issues that arise.

Experiments and polishing

A big part of that is that we will be trying a variety smaller changes, many of them hardly noticeable, to see if they make a difference in how our users use Toggl Desktop. We hope that by running such experiments, we will be able to make the app more intuitive for new users, as well as Toggl Desktop veterans.

At least some of these changes will be run as A/B tests to allow us to compare between different versions of the app.

Better Communication & Onboarding

Another area that we want to improve is how we communicate changes and features to our users. Toggl Desktop has a lot to offer, but we are doing far from an ideal job at teaching our users about all the features. We feel that this is taking away the opportunity for our users to maximise their productivity with Toggl Desktop.


While we do not have concrete plans yet, we want to find a way to tell our users about all the features of Toggl Desktop in a clear and non-intrusive manner.

We also want to speed up the help process for our users. While our support team is doing a great job and usually responds to inquiries on very short notice, we believe we could help users even more by allowing them to help themselves. What this means is that when a user is typing into the feedback form of the desktop app we automatically offer answers from our support page based on the inserted text. This way users can get answers to the most common questions in seconds.

New features

Next to these overall improvements, there are of course also a couple of features we are looking into adding to Toggl Desktop.

One big feature we are working on right now is an interface to show you what programs you have been using during the day (if you have the timeline feature enabled). If you get distracted or forget to track your time for a while, you can use this to check back on what you were doing during the time you missed. That way you will have a much better overview of what you were doing and you can change or create the respective time entries after the fact.

Another feature that many of you have requested is The Pomodoro timer. The idea here is that we will implement a notification that will let you know when you have worked on the current time entry for a given number of minutes. This feature has already been added to Toggl Button and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Toggl Desktop has seen great improvements over the past months. We plan to continue on that trend, and make it the best desktop time tracking tool it can be. Stay tuned for future updates to the app, and more inside information here on our blog.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on Toggl Desktop, feel free to leave a comment below, or get in touch with our friendly support team at

By On December 1, 2015

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