TeamWeek – the new name of Planner

As you probably know Toggl has had a little brother for some time already. It’s called Planner. Today we re-launched it with a new name – TeamWeek.


In principle, is a team management tool with a weekly calendar. Being an antidote to clumsy Gantt charts, it allows managers to respond to change faster. TeamWeek also integrates with Toggl, making team management even easier.

It does not end with changing the name, though. We have continuously kept improving TeamWeek according to the suggestions and wishes of our users. A lot of cool features for better scheduling and planning are in the pipeline even now and some new additions will be visible in the coming weeks.

Check it out at


By On January 10, 2013

  1. I have been on the lookout for a SaaS software like this. and what it has I like – though I am left wanting more features before I would sign up permanently.

  2. Some questions – 1. How does manager and user access differ? 2. Can a manager use teamweek to compare what was assigned with what was actually done in toggl? 3. is the intent for a teamweek user to view their assignments for day/week and then track in toggl? 4. What kind or reporting functionality is there in teamweek?