Project Planning Tool Teamweek Goes Freemium


 We are happy to announce that Teamweek, the project planning tool from the team behind Toggl, has two major updates:

  • Teamweek now offers free accounts for small teams (up to 5 members)! Free accounts have the same project planning and team scheduling features that bigger teams enjoy.

  • This also means that all the current accounts that fit the criteria, will now get to use Teamweek without a charge. More information about the pricing is in the Support Center.
  • Teamweek also implemented new design for their public web page and blog.

What do you think?

By On July 2, 2013

  1. yeah, finally it’s here!

    eager to be able to test teamweek now for more than 30 days.

    also, when creating the first “account” (subdomain) it will still state the old conditions as well as some minor css glitches.

    keep on rockin’!

  2. Hi Kenny!

    Sorry about this! We wanted to get the news out as soon as possible and it seems that we forgot about some minor changes.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, we will fix this information! But the point remains – Teamweek now has free accounts for small teams (up to 5 users) so you can go ahead and register your account anyway 🙂