5 Lessons I’ve Learned While Working Remotely from 22 Countries

Dunja Lazic 22nd May, 2017 2 Comments

Last week marked my 2-year anniversary at Toggl so I decided to do what everyone seems to these days – write a blog post about what I’ve learned while trying to make sense of the things I might’ve missed out on.

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How to Manage Work from Home and Do More than Usual

Olga Kolodynska 12th March, 2017 No comments

Some people think that working from home is a perfect excuse for not working at all. I guess they don’t like their job much.

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We Asked Our Remote Staff To Share Their Desks (To Fight Loneliness)

Naeem Talukdar 15th July, 2016 2 Comments

Toggl is a remote company – which means a good chunk of our employees don’t work from the office. In fact, we’re so far apart that we cover just about every single timezone & landmass (except Antarctica, but we’re working on that).

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Why We Spend 40,000+ a Year on Our Remote Team Meetings

Alari Aho 17th August, 2015 5 Comments


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When You Go Remote, Staying Connected is Everything

Mart Virkus 31st July, 2015 3 Comments

We love hearing how other Toggl users manage their businesses, and we love sharing their stories. This time, Christian Ángel Rennella shares his company’s experience in transitioning from a physical office into a virtual team.

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The Power of a Handshake – Why Remote Teams Still Need an Office

Mart Virkus 11th June, 2015 2 Comments

As remote work gets more and more popular, we have to ask what is the glue that holds companies together?

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