Tag support for Timer Nano


New version launched. This release is mostly a maintenance release (a lot of fixes) but there is also one new thing:

Tag support for Timer Nano

If you click on the little tag icon on the top-right of the description box, a list with your tags will appear.

Tag support for Nano

You can select the tags you want to apply to your task, or you can create a new one by writing the name of the new tag into the text box.


Toggl Team

By On July 1, 2009

  1. Hi

    Just started using toggl and love it.

    I’m putting together a presentation for my colleagues about toggl becuase I want to get them on board too. I’m having trouble with the tags feature. I’m not really sure what the benefit is. If I am able to put all related tasks under a specific project (in other words, a tag), what good is a tag?


  2. @Jabbe – The possibility to delete tags has been present for a long time. You can do it on the “Workspace” settings page.

  3. Toggl Nano is really nice. The one feature that I do not see is the ability to swap between different workspaces. I like using Toggl both at work and for tracking time spent doing Freelance development separately. Toggl Nano combines tasks and projects from all available workspaces.

    At first I thought there wasn’t a way to create new projects or clients, but then I figured out that just typing a new project name when creating a new task would automatically create a project (and a client that doesn’t exist already if you name the project something like “Client Name – Project Name”). That’s a cool feature of Toggl nano.

  4. Hi Joe. Maybe you can send us the exact time when the site is down, so we can check logs and see what’s going on.

  5. I have been using Toggl and the Nano timer for a few weeks and recently (past week) the website has been down for periods of up to half an hour or more. Do you know why this is, and do you guys have a fix for it?