Short maintenance downtime scheduled

In addition to our maintenance downtime on Sunday there will be another short downtime on Tuesday, 4th of October to further improve and speed up Toggl.

Approximate outage will last about 10 minutes between 6:00-7:00 UTC. We will be providing update information about the outage and ETA of resuming normal operation via Twitter and blog.

By On October 3, 2011

  1. Well, that will be the next step, implementing better failover and load balancing as well. Anyway, thanks for your support on this!

  2. If your Global, why don’t you make more setups, and then let you customers select the timezone the like most. You could do that with just 2 setups.


  3. @Peter: yes, we are aware that it is bad time for people working from Europe. Unfortunately since Toggl is a global operation we cannot pick a time that suits all. Current time was acceptable for Eastern countries and the best for US.

    Again, the upgrade shouldn’t have taken so long, since we did a test run yesterday and this took only 5 minutes. It was rather unfortunate and we are sorry for any lost productivity caused by that upgrade.

    Now the DB server has been upgraded and there shouldn’t be any downtime on such a short notice.