Server Maintenance Report

As some of you have noticed there were some connectivity issues with Toggl over the weekend. The reason being our scheduled maintenance hit some unexpected snags and raised database server load over acceptable threshold. This in turn caused slowdowns with API request handling and was visible to users as intermittent errors.

In one point we had to turn off the API altogether to allow database to finish maintenance sooner. During that time Toggl offline mode was working, allowing users to track time. After connectivity to API was restored, data was synced back to server with no data loss.

Most of the Toggl service is operational currently with adequate speed. We are turning on all the rest of the supportive services so in couple of hours normal operations should be restored.

Thank you for the understanding and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in comments below, contact or follow our Twitter page.


By On November 11, 2013

  1. Hi all,

    all problems should be sorted now and everything back to normal. If you are still experiencing issues please let us know through support.

    On behalf of whole Toggl Team – Sorry!


  2. Running into problems logging in using my google account..I can log into the web portal only once out of every 10 times. Always redirects me back to teh same screen. I’ve already created a bunch of projects and would prefer using my google account rather than create a new one.

  3. Is anyone else having issues with filtering projects on the reports page? When I try to set the filter, then it takes around 30 seconds before I get this error message:
    “Action took too long and was aborted, please try smaller date range”

    I’m assuming this has to do with the server maintenance problem the toggl folks ran into.

  4. I have tweeted your company and emailed twice. I have yet to have a single response. Would not only love to use your product, but I would like to give you $$ on a monthly basis. Drives me bat shit crazy that not a single soul has gotten back to me. Not even a “Hey – we are really buys, will get back to you asap.”.

  5. Hi Krister, thanks for the info. Today there is no more “internal server error” but CSV import still not working. Just adds the tags, clients and projects but none of the actual timeslips. Hoping you guys can get Toggl working again… Cheers, Dan

  6. Hi, we’re still having problems with Toggl. CSV import has been broken since Saturday 10 Nov now getting “internal server error” messages. Reported this on Saturday, but when I tried to report other issues today using Help/Report Bug page, it gets stuck on ‘Saving…’ Love Toggl but rely on it all working… Cheers, Dan