According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics, last year 60% of jobs in the technology sector went to women. This is quite an advancement from few years back when female jobs were steadily decreasing in the tech sector.

Still, we do not agree that women are taking over the sector. In total numbers there are still less than 30% of women. We feel that turning the trend is a good thing, mostly because of these aspects:

  • More non-engineering jobs. There are more and more non-engineering jobs in tech startups and companies. Areas like marketing, customer support, operations, etc do not require explicit coding skills and are suitable for people with a more diverse background than software engineering.
  • Technology in more areas of life. IT sector itself is transforming with a rapid pace. Software-based products are making their way into many traditional business sectors, making the world of technology more understandable and even unavoidable to an increasing number of people.
  • Savvy users of technology. Women are generally very active consumers of social media and internet-related products, so they’re used to using computers and electronic gadgets. There is less and less of a barrier for them to actually get involved in the tech business.

We have noticed a similar trend with-in the Toggl team as well. Almost 40% of the whole team consists of women, while a whopping 75% of non-engineering jobs are held by our smart, cool and friendly female co-workers.

What are your experiences with non-technical women taking over startups?