Reporting (and other) updates

A new version of Toggl has been released. Here are the biggest updates:

  • report filters – now it’s possible to use client, project, billable, tag and user filters in all of the report views;
  • possibility to edit tags under the workspace tab;
  • tasks view of reports has been modified to make the information more readable when using smaller monitors;
  • fixed the issues of dashboard not showing correct numbers.


Toggl Team

By On November 18, 2009

  1. We are using tags to record stuff that isn’t project based time.

    E.g. time we spend quoting, or on the phone. They don’t have a project yet.

    We want to use tags but we can’t see how to get nice pie-chart style reports based on tags.

    Are we missing something? Can we get around this somehow?

    Please help!


  2. @Gustav – yes, it would be one option to start recording all the start and stop actions. You can also submit a future request to our support address on your vision about the custom reports.

  3. Btw.
    Are you planning on making a “custom” template section for report?
    I really would appreciate to be able to create online reports in Swedish.

  4. @bdlindley – You can filter out tasks of a specific client when you select “Client’s name – All projects” from the client/project filter box.

  5. With the latest changes I can’t seem to filter by Client. How do I view a report (grouped by tasks or projects) that only includes time tracked with a single client?

  6. @Brian – We have plans to do something with the stop time minus start time not being equal to the duration. Yes, one option would be to add a “Repeat task” possibility to create a new task every time. We are not sure yet how we are going to handle this yet but this issue is in our to-do list.

  7. Good to hear a fix is in the works for item 1.

    As for item two, let’s say I’m tracking a project I’m billing hourly for. I start at 8:00 a.m. and work for 30 minutes, then go to a meeting. We’ve tracked 30 minutes on the project. So far so good. Now at 9:30, I come back and start tracking email again for another half hour. While you’re correct that the amount of time is correctly tracked as one hour, Toggl will show that I worked on it from 8:00-10:00 a.m., two hours. So when I create a report for the client, or check my iCal feed, I really can’t say exactly when I was working on that project.

    The workaround I’ve been using is to create a new task with the same name each time. It would be much easier if the option were to “repeat task” rather than “start task.” That way the hours shown would always add up to the time spent on the task.

  8. @Brendan – Thanks!
    @Brian –
    1. A fix in in the works.
    2. I don’t quite exactly understand. How do you lose track? The duration of a task is never zeroed.

  9. Nice to see the fixes coming, but the two biggest issues for me are:

    1. Deleted planned tasks still show up in Toggl Classic, and can’t be hidden. It makes it look like I have a monumental to-do list.

    2. When I stop and start a task, I have to remember to create a new task with the same name, or I lose track of how long I actually spent on the task.