As some of you noticed we had a service outage for some people two days ago. The reason being – as for many other websites around the world – an attack on GoDaddy servers which took off their DNS servers among other infrastructure. As we were using their DNS it also affected our operations. During that time all Toggl servers remained operational and the data safe but for some users our web address did not resolve, making Toggl unreachable. For some people the service was functioning as normal.

Unfortunately we were caught unprepared but we are learning and have taken measures to prevent this kind of disruption in the future. As of today we have moved away from GoDaddy DNS infrastructure. In addition we have now deployed two secondary DNS services with two different service providers in different geographical regions so attack on one provider should not affect Toggl availability.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this outage. We are improving the service constantly and having your support behind Toggl makes it a better tool for everyone.

Krister Haav,
on behalf of whole Toggl Team