Project template, Classic timer updates

We released a new version yesterday. It includes many bugfixes and improvements. Here are the biggest changes:

  • Project template
    This feature allows you to easily create a new project based on an existing template project. That means that every new project will be created with template project’s settings: billing, estimates, planned tasks and team. More information and how-to can be found on the FAQ page.

    NB! Available only for Toggl Pro plans.

  • Classic timer improvements
    • Page title in the pop-out now includes task’s name and project;
    • Fixed a layout issue with long planned task names;
    • Added a button to erase search bar text;


Toggl Team

By On July 8, 2010

  1. I have seen only one possible project for 1 member in the free version.

    it is not enough.

    a reasonnable number is 10-15, since every activity that needs several tasks is a project

    as is it make toggl not usable enough IMHO

    • You can have unlimited number of projects even in the free version. It is not limited in any way.

  2. It seems that the option to copy an existing project is gone, or am I just missing that? I don’t consider Project Template (limited to one per workspace?) to be a suitable replacement for copy.

    Essentially we bill clients monthly and we want to create new projects every month with the same settings (team, estimated hours) as last month’s.

    This is so we can tell home much time we spent on a client each month. Copying the July project to create August is the easiest way to accomplish this thus far.

  3. Hi Hallie, please send us feedback from inside Toggl or write us to support [at]

    We can help you get the Desktop working

  4. I have the same above problems as David Dalby. So, thinking that the latest version would fix that, I downloaded it. Now it won’t work at all on my desktop.

  5. Another thing I’ve noticed is that any older tasks, even though they show up in my list, will not come up using search – only tasks used within the last couple of weeks are returned – even though I have the life of tasks set to the maximum.

  6. Agreed, I cannot do this either and I used it alot more than the functions that still remain. My time also gets lost if I work through the night.

  7. I have the same problem as David Dalby re: can’t update start and stop times and calculate new values like we could with the old classic timer.

  8. On the old classic timer there was a button to manually enter time, calculate and save. On the new version I can see how to manually enter the time, but I can’t find a button to calculate. Am I missing something?