Project privacy editing now faster and easier!

You can now change the privacy status of multiple projects with just one click – the ‘Actions‘ button on the Settings – Projects page has some additions.

So tick the projects that you want to change (1) and set them all as private or share them all with the whole team (2) faster than ever:


By On May 10, 2012

  1. Hi guys, sorry my reply to your desktop problems comes so late – I encourage you to email support with problems like this for more prompt replies and better problem solving. Regardless, the error you mention was fixed a few hours after it was reported to our support and you should no longer see it, either. Please let us know if you still have problems!

  2. Hi,
    Having the same issue as Amer. Latest desktop version keeps saying it cannot synchronise and my version is no longer supported.

    Thanks for looking at it,

  3. Hi,

    I think I have the latest version of toggl desktop client but it keep saying i need to update to the latest version, my version is no longer supported. Any ideas?