Project page overhaul

We rewrote the whole project page.

The new project view

Let us know what you think!


Toggl Team

By On December 2, 2009

  1. Thanks Jaanus. From a usability perspective it takes more clicks to do the same work. With the recent changes, when entering the team members on a project the user has to select the ‘add more’ button then select the team member and wait for the system to refresh before new team members can be added & process starts again. :

  2. @jaanus – Re the time it takes to add more than one person to a project, is it possible to program what was previously there (i.e., adding multiple members to a project at a time) as it worked.

    @Geoffery – Cheers!

  3. @Lorraine – Adding 10 team members may indeed be a bit time consuming. We’ll think about how to make it more convenient. About creating a project based on an other project is done exactly like Geoffrey said – using the “duplicate project” feature.
    @Geoffrey – Thanks for the comments!
    @David4x – We’ll consider your request. Seems like it could be useful and convenient.

  4. Can we have the sub-total headings for each client on the 7-day summary back please???

    When I look at all my clients if I have lots of tasks for each one there is no longer any quick and easy snap shop of the client totals – I have to edit the filter settings for each one every time and only then did I stumble on an option ” – all tasks”

  5. Progress bars are back! Thank you! Interface looks beautiful, and usability is good so far from my first experiments. Being a solo user, I don’t have the member assignment problem that Lorraine mentions, but I do hope that you can continue developing solutions that accommodate the full range of the user base. Also, not sure if it’s my current connection, but the project page and individual projects seem to be intermittently slow to load. That is, sometimes the pages take a long time to load, other times they load quickly.

    A note to Lorraine on the new project creation “based on an old project”. I don’t know if it’s the same, because I never used that feature, but you can still do this on the main project page, by selecting a current or archived project via the checkbox next to it, and then under the “Manage Selected” drop-down field pick “Duplicate”. I just tried it, and it will create a “Copy of [named project]” in your project list with all the same tasks and parameters, but without any time logged. You can then just edit the project name and other items as needed. Hope this helps.

    Thanks again, Toggl Team. This update is much appreciated!

  6. Thanks for overhauling the Project Page. Unfortunately now I can only assign one member a project at a time which takes up time for the project to update. If I’m adding 10 people to the project it wastes my time. Is there a better solution?

    Also in the old version prior to the October changes, toogl was more efficient when creating new projects. I could create a new project and base it on an old project. This function is no longer available. Is it ever coming back?