Productivity on the Go: 5 Foolproof Tips for Business Travelers

Make the most of the time spent on the go and become a true road warrior! Proper preparation will not only make your business trip a safe one but more productive.

Let technology work for you

As the saying goes, first things first. Before rushing out to the door to catch your plain, think of the gadgets you’ll need while you’re on the go. Sometimes, your smartphone, or your tablet would serve the purpose quite well. However, for your heavy writing projects you should consider bringing your laptop with you. Whatever you decide to bring, remember you’re going to do some business. So, try lightening the load, and focus on your trip.

Furthermore, secure, reliable Wi-Fi is essential for business travel. This is why business travelers double check Wi-Fi availability before even booking a flight. Finally, when you’re a stranger in a strange land, and if you’re there to do some work, chances are you might need productivity improvement. To maintain your productivity levels high wherever you are, try doing some time keeping work. In fact, let Toggl do this for you.

Plan everything to a tee

Before waving goodbye to your Executive, prepare a well-planned itinerary. Think of your business priorities, but to avoid rushing from one meeting to the next, keep your agenda minimal. Any changes can seriously hurt your mood and productivity, so don’t forget that your schedule should be flexible enough to allow for unexpected issues.

It is also a good idea to invest some time brushing up on the culture differences. Remember, the slightest thing can offend people, so learn protocol and etiquette practices of the country you’re visiting.

Get to know your destination

Shakespeare once said: “All things are ready, if your mind be so.” Now, putting this into a perspective of a business person, there’s no arguing that it’s not only important to prepare for a business trip abroad, it’s essential.

So what could you do to save valuable time while traveling for business, easily settle, and get right to work? Are you a snack lover? Perhaps you have a sense of adventure, but it might be better to find out where’s the closest grocery store before you even arrive at your destination. In fact, if you want to stay sane on your business trip, book a hotel downtown, within a walking distance of shops and restaurants. You don’t want to end up looking for snacks in the middle of nowhere, do you?

Create your to-dos

To keep you energized and productive while working, even when you’re travelling, create your to-dos. Now, a travel goal can be simple. Why don’t you make some time to get to know the area’s culture? Perhaps, you could try a new cuisine? Of course, a travel goal can also be something more related to business. For instance, ask yourself if there are any opportunities for meeting new clients, or professionals in your field.

Don’t forget to make your goals flexible. Remember, goals should help you. Don’t fall into trap by committing yourself to huge travel goals. This could hurt your productivity.

Get the right things done

Uncertainty? That’s the only certainty there is when traveling for business. Don’t try to foresee everything. Instead, expect to be distracted. However, if you try getting the right things done early, you’ll leave enough space for dealing with all those things not quite coming together. The early bird catches the work, doesn’t it?

Want to maximize the efficiency of your resources and increase the productivity while on the go? Why don’t you take some time off? Sure, your business is the main reason why you’re on the road in the first place, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy the travel experience, and see some sights, too.

What travel tricks make you a productive business traveler? Sound off in the comments.

By On July 14, 2016

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