Problem with the last version – now fixed!

Hi everybody,

Yesterday (19. Nov) we released the new version 1.2. During the upload of the new version some of your currently running tasks might not have been saved to our server. We found the reason why there was no error message for you and now it’s fixed.

From now on, if whatever reason is preventing the Timer to save your task, it will let you know.

The Toggl Team is very sorry for the inconveniences we might have caused you.

By On November 20, 2008

  1. Hi Margie,

    What do you mean by “link to the download”? Maybe you are mixing the Toggl web and Toggl Desktop? This release was about Toggl web.

    The next Toggl Desktop release will come out soon.

  2. Great! So why do you put a link to these great news on my home page, but no link to the download, neither in the announcement here, nor on my home page? Why make me go looking for it?