Problem with Google Signin -> now fixed

Quite many of you were affected by a bug that caused Google Signin to not work properly. We have found the cause for this and fixed the bug.

If you’re still not able to login with your Google account then:
a) Enable the Google signin again with your gmail address and the password that Toggl sent you when you first created the account
b) If you don’t know the password, then reset it using your gmail address on this link –

We’re sorry!

By On July 23, 2010

  1. Login with google is not working for me… it was working still yesterday…. I tried the above solution, its not working… I didnt even get the forgot password mail to my gmail 🙁 plese help…

  2. Imagine my surprise while working yesterday with my toggl timer ticking along nicely, when suddenly I looked to check my hours and I had logged 34,000 hours in one day! Amazing!

    I think the crash did more than just screw up the sign in. I estimated my true hours to adjust it.

    I’m new here. Does this happen often? I hope not! I love the application!