Introducing Pricing Changes and Toggl Pro Plus

Update: As of February 2017, the Pro Plus plan is known as Toggl Premium. Have a look here to compare all our existing subscriptions!

It has been an incredibly busy start to this year – both for us and you, the users. There are now more than 200,000 people using Toggl on a daily basis and we thank you for trusting us with your most valuable thing – your time!

We would like to share with you some changes we’re making to our pricing and plans – and talk about what they mean for you.

In short, we are introducing 3 big changes into our pricing structure today:

  • Pro plan now costs, for all new subscribers, $9 per user per month when billed annually, $10 when billed monthly. For all existing subscribers (and any members you add to your team), the price remains unchanged at $5 for up to 2 years.
  • There are now 4 tiers of pricing plans, based on the functionality you need. You can choose between annual and monthly billing for each of them.
  • We have launched a new plan – Pro Plus – which allows you to add one Business feature to your Pro plan.

Why are we changing it?

The last time we updated our pricing structure was in 2011 – Toggl has come a long way since then.

Over the past 5 years we’ve added a number of new features to both the free and paid plans. Among other things, the Desktop app now supports automation functionalities that were unthinkable in 2011. Driven by popular demand, our mobile apps for example have come to include basic time reporting.

From your feedback, we have also come to realise that just basic time tracking and reporting is no longer enough for many teams and more powerful control features are needed.

To make sure all the new functionalities work as intended, we’ll continue to work on Toggl’s usability and reliability. Keeping time tracking simple is still our top priority.

Updated pricing plans

The new plans are more complete, offering our users a choice between different pricing points and sets of functionality depending on their needs.

As of today, these are the plans you can choose from:

Toggl Basic

Offers unrivalled time tracking with no frills. Includes up to 5 members in your team. It’s free, and will stay free.

Toggl Pro

Our most popular plan, offering small business productivity features. Unlimited users, clients and projects.

Price: 9$ per user per month when paid annually, 10$ when paid monthly

NB! Existing Pro users will automatically receive a 50% discount for a full year. If you upgrade to the annual plan, we’ll extend the discount to a full two years. Check your email for more details.

Toggl Pro Plus

A brand new plan that lets you add one Toggl Business feature to your Pro plan.

Price: 18$ per user per month when paid annually, 20$ when paid monthly

Toggl Business

Geared towards businesses that need more structured workflows, Toggl Business brings essential features for managing larger teams, like automated reports, timesheet locking and tracking reminders.

Price: 49$ per user per month when paid annually, 59$ when paid monthly

The prices do not include taxes – these will be added to your invoices as applicable.

You can read the full feature comparison in our Knowledge Base.

Annual and monthly billing options

No more confusing pre-payments – from now on we’re offering annual and monthly billing options for all our paid plans.

Not only is the new annual plan cheaper, but it also makes it easier to plan your year. When new people join your workspace, you will be charged for them automatically, ensuring your workspace is always covered for the full year.

Introducing Toggl Pro Plus

Finally, we are very excited to introduce the new Pro Plus plan.

Designed to bridge the gap between Pro and Business, the plan lets you add one Business feature on top of your Pro plan. Pick the functionality that your team needs, and only pay for what you use.

We’ve got big plans for Toggl in 2016 and we’re excited to have you all with us for the journey.

Happy Toggling!

By On March 1, 2016

  1. Classic bait and switch. We were an early user, and rolled out toggle across our company. Then as soon as the system is engrained in our organization they raise prices 100%. And what do you get in return? Access to bug fixes. Preventing users from making mistakes isn’t a feature, it’s fixing a bug. But with toggle it costs $50 a month to get acces to these fixes…otherwise you’re stuck dealing with all Toggle’s problems.

    Toggle is now several times more expensive than it’s competitors, and lacks basic features like QuickBooks integration and payroll reporting.

    It’s more expensive than Slack, Google Drive, Jira, QuickBooks, Gusto, and every other tool we use…for a time tracker? Really?

    And on top of everything…they’re located overseas and have no USA support staff or sales team. It’s 100% self serve.

    We’ll be moving to one of their competitors as soon as possible.

    • If you’re a long time toggler you probably know that we hadn’t changed our prices for 5 years. Pricing points are always debatable and increases cause always negative emotions so it is perfectly understandable. That’s why we offered to grandfather prices for 2 years to all workspaces that were on paid plans at the time of the price change.
      I’m not quite following what do you mean by “access to bug fixes”? All pricing plan feature lists were still the same even after pricing changes; nothing was removed. Instead we have changed the UI for all plans and added several new features. Plus the free plan will always be there to make sure that everybody can use Toggl.
      As to our support – we do have 3 agents in US, several in Europe and 2 in Australia – this is to ensure that we can offer support almost 24/7 during the work week. We have introduced a new Toggl Master service, that allows you to hire a Toggl expert that will come to your office and help you with the setup / any questions you might have on Toggl features.
      If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at support(at)toggl(dot)com

  2. This is ridiculous. I don’t mind companies increasing their pricing, but to double it and then not even inform us simply double the price on our invoice is ridiculous and very unethical business practices.
    We will be cancelling our business account.

  3. I’m afraid I agree with many of the views shared here. I went to bat at my company for Toggl Pro @ $5 / month per user and we’ve been customers for almost a year now. At the very least they should kept a pricing tier at $5 with the same features. When you increase the price of basic time tracking to $10 per month ($9 with annual) you are now twice as expensive as the basic G suite (Google Business) and the same price per month as their pro plan. You can’t tell me the features offered in Toggl Pro even come close in comparison to G suite. Now that we are approaching 2017 we will be on the lookout for a new time tracking solution.

  4. Back in 2011 when Toggl increased it’s price to $5 per user per month (making them actually more expensive than *all of Google apps*), that increase was unjustifiably steep.

    This price increase is just ludicrous. It continues to show how out-of-touch Toggl is with its market. The fact that an additional $9 per month only buys you one additional feature reinforces that they know nothing about: 1) economics, and specifically the concept of price vs utility (the consumer would call it the “perceived value”), 2) making any sort of compelling case to a user to justify the pricing.

    Again, as with the previous price increase, Toggl is doing a terrible job of making a case for the higher price other than to give the impression that executives in a board meeting decided it might be fun to raise prices.

    I’m tired of providing feedback on bugs and seeing the product remain stagnant as far as usability issues and new features to then be asked to pay more yet again for the same thing. It’s especially frustrating when I know that as the user I’m essentially going to be paying a higher premium for the luxury of being Toggl’s quality assurance team for all the new stuff that’s surely not working right.

  5. I have been an avid Toggl user for a while now. My account gets automatically paid via Paypal. My account got dropped last month from Paypal with no email notice. I discovered this when I went to make a detailed report for a client. My billable hours were no longer there and were no longer not an option. I was puzzled at first then went to Paypal and confirmed no autopayment.

    There is no account section that shows my status, only a prompt to sign up at the new price!

    I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt that this was a mistake, but something seems fishy here. I should be able to get the old pricing grace period as discussed in your blog.

  6. Grandfathering the price indefinately for those subscribers that paid for your product through the good times and the bad should have been at the top of your list. Yes you have been busy adding features and keeping the service up but it’s clear most of us don’t see the value in increasng the price especially for us original members. I do like your product, enough to keep using in 12 months time at twice the price I’m still deciding. I’m disapointed in the way this has been handled.

  7. I bet in not-so-distant future expensive Toggl will either tweak their pricing plan (introduce new $4-5 basic plan) or offer coupons, discounts, rebates.

    However 😀 even 50% discount on $49 for time tracking is very expensive time tracking service. No matter what features.are included, this is not ERP, CRM etc.

  8. While Toggle is a decent app, you lost my trust. Doubling prices is outrageous. I will use Toggl for upcoming projects this summer but transition to an alternative I have lined up this Fall.