Pre-payments now available

Due to popular request it is now possible to pay ahead for several months in addition to monthly billing. Please go to the Subscription & Billing menu under Settings to review options and current balance.

To use the pre-payment feature please select number of months you wish to pay for and click on a button “Pay”. You will be prompted for payment channel. Proceed as usual following the instructions on screen.

Pre-payment options

After making a successful payment your current balance is displayed under your plan description (see below). This balance is deducted automatically when next payment is due. If there is insufficient balance in your account your credit card or PayPal account will be billed automatically. You can add more funds if necessary at any time.

Your current plan and balance

You can always change the plan, your balance will be deducted by correct sum automatically. Please note that the current balance cannot be withdrawn from the account.

If you have any trouble with new pre-payment features or any other Toggl-related issues, please contact us through “Ask a question”-link inside Toggl.

By On May 3, 2011