Planned task revisit


We made some changes to planned tasks, which by the way are called just “tasks” now. Here are the updates:

  • Like said, “planned tasks” are called “tasks” now. The previous naming caused confusion in our users. This also seems to be the convention around project management and time tracking apps.
  • Regular tasks are called “time entries”. This modification was already made a few weeks ago but I’ll just mention it again.
  • Tasks have an active flag. That means you can set a task to be inactive and it won’t show up in the timers. If you are done with a task, just make it inactive and it won’t clutter your timer any more. You can always reactivate it from the project edit screen.
  • A very convenient way to track a task has been added. Namely, in the project selection box, you can see your active tasks indented under your projects. Like this:

NB! All these aforementioned changes are in the new version only.


Toggl Team

P.S. We are currently working on the possibility to import to-do lists from Basecamp. Stay tuned!

By On October 15, 2010