Planned database maintenance on July 1st

On Sunday, July 1st 2012, from approximately 07:00 until 09:00 UTC time, we will be upgrading our server software and hardware to improve Toggl’s working speed. During this maintenance window, the Toggl web application will be unreachable.

You will still be able to track your time in the devices that support offline tracking – Toggl Desktop and Toggl Mobile. All data entered in the offline mode will be synced to the server automatically when the server is back up.

By On June 19, 2012

  1. We have now started our database maintenance, ETA for completion is about 2hrs, but we will specify as we move forward.

  2. Hi Liisa, Toggl isn’t working right for me. Does anybody else have this problem? I can login but none of my tasks are showing. What’s up?

  3. We don’t run any reports on Sunday, so we’re fine with that date. Thanks for the heads-up that lets us plan way ahead.

  4. I think the scheduling seems thoughtful. Few people work on a Sunday, and on this basis teh day and time are compatible with locations worldwide. You will never please everyone.

  5. Hi there, why do you choose the most important day of the month to do this? All the closing routines must run on the first for us… Of course, I know it’s only supposed to be 2 hours so we can cope with it, but in case something goes wrong, it might be a serious issue for our business.