Changes to the Toggl Subscription Plan Names

We’re changing the names of the paid Toggl plans. Don’t worry, the prices will stay the same.

These changes are purely cosmetic and designed with future users in mind. If you’re an existing Toggl user, it’s business as usual.

What are the new plan names?

Toggl Starter

Toggl Pro will now be called Toggl Starter.

Toggl Premium

Formerly known as Toggl Pro Plus. Toggl Premium Includes everything in the Starter pack, plus one feature of your choice from the Enterprise suite.

The Premium plan will also include Toggl Insights – a new team and business profitability analytics feature, to be released soon.

Toggl Enterprise

Formerly known as Toggl Business. Toggl Enterprise will include all of the above, plus a handy set of advanced management level tools.



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  1. Stefan

    I had to laugh. So, what you called “Pro” (which stands for professional) before, is now just good enough for a starter? That’s ridiculous — just like prices are ridiculous as well.

    The Premium plan is actually useless: All the Toggl “premium features” are so fine-grained that every semi-professional start-up will require at least(!) 2 of them. Makes $59 per month PER USER on a monthly basis. Do you have the slightest idea of what I can get for $59?! My team consists of 3 people: That makes $177 per month, and $2124 per year — for time tracking, only for time tracking — seriously, what the f*ck?

    Here, some examples of other popular services, together with what I would get instead of throwing $59 (PER USER, PER MONTH) at Toggl:

    → DigitalOcean, $40: 4 GB Memory, 2-core processor, 60 GB SSD, 4 TB transfer → ALL FEATURES ENABLED
    → G Suite, $55: 11 users, including e-mail, calendar, drive etc. → ALL FEATURES ENABLED
    → GitHub, $52: 8 users, unlimited repositories, ALL FEATURES ENABLED
    → Trello, $49.95: 5 users, yet you don’t even need to create a user for every employee, you can invite who you want for free, ALL FEATURES ENABLED

    And now, look at Toggl:
    $10 per User(!)/per month(!) for switching that “billable” trigger (you can just use tags for that btw.).
    Premium DOUBLES the price from $10 to $20 for ONE EXTRA FEATURE. IT’S TWICE AS EXPENSIVE, for ONE feature, per user and per month.
    To finally enable all features, you pay — again: for ONE user, EVERY MONTH — $59.

    Jesus Christ!

    Thankfully I’m in web dev. Time tracking apps seem to be lucrative. I’m making one. With sane pricing. See you then.

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Hey Stefan,

      First off — thanks for the thorough response. We’re working out & tweaking our pricing plans on the daily to figure out the best way to deliver value where it makes sense, and we appreciate the critique (however heavy-handed 😉 ).

      Our goal for the name change was to make it clear what each plan was going to be catered towards. If you sign up for Enterprise, you know that all additions to the plan are coming from an enterprise perspective. All of our paid plans are for professionals — don’t consider “Starter” any kind of downgrade. It just means exactly what it means, the “Starter” plan is a concise set of tools for power users and small teams that don’t need all the frills. We’ve structured that plan for efficiency.

      The Premium plan is a primary focus for us every day, and the new Insights feature coming soon will add a ton of value towards teams tracking on that plan. If there’s something you think we can add to Premium to give it a better bang for your buck, let us know — we’re always all ears.

      I understand your frustrations, and it’s a balancing act to figure out what makes sense for everybody. You can personally shoot me an email @ and I’d be happy to chat about what we’re thinking about for the future and what might work better for you.

  2. John

    I don’t disagree with, Stefan . . . but is the foul-mouthed, low-life language really necessary? I’ll spend extra to work with professionals.

  3. JKB of BDD

    $10/month is a bit over my price threshold for the services provided and needed for a small freelance firm like mine. The $5/month plan was just reasonable enough because I really like the app, the interface, the feature set and the usefulness of the service for keeping track of how much time I spend on a particular project. I like to support companies like Toggl when possible, and I do believe theirs monetary value in the service that’s provided, but doubling the subscription rate without any tangible increase in the feature set provided is very very difficult to stomach and continue to support. At least add a billing feature. I’m afraid my journey with Toggl may soon come to an end. It’s been great and I wish you all the best!

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that, JKB. All I can say is that we’re always looking to improve on things, not only in the way our plans are structured but in our app’s ease of use and functionality. There’s surely a big 2017 ahead, and maybe if you stick around a bit longer you’ll find your fit again. 🙂

  4. Lisa

    I just got the reminder about my subscription expiring soon. Has the continue feature been fixed? If not I’ll be moving on. I’ll miss the lovely charts, as the timer I’m currently evaluating doesn’t have them, but at least with this new timer I can pause and continue without dozens of duplicate entries on my invoices.

  5. Charles Moore

    Paying customers may be put off by these changes, but the price increase is old news — March 2016. Looks like this month plans have simply been re-named.

    And in case everyone has forgotten, Toggl is FREE for small groups (great support, too) — and the free version has a substantial complement of features. Just sayin’.

    It’s true customers have many choices in this category, so they’re very value-conscious. Might want to consider bringing back a $5 plan of some kind (and fixing the Continue feature ;-).

    Nevertheless, Toggl is pretty great overall. Keep up the good work!

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Charles! And appreciate the love. We’ll certainly consider additions to our paid packages if it really adds value to our users. End goal is always to make Togglers happy. 🙂

  6. Tektro

    Now this is the time when pricing changes for everybody. It will be interesting to see if Toggl will manage to keep paying users for $10+ per month. Especialy companies with multiple team memebers. In my oppinion in 3-4 months there will be a lot of coupons and special offers. And a huge non-paying userbase.

    Toggl was great, but not at the price of MS Office 365… 🙁

  7. Paul Mah

    I’ve actually been a paying user of Toggl for 2+ years, but I’m having difficulty justifying a doubling of the pricing with the “Starter” plan. Looking down the list of features, I could actually live with “Free”. In fact, I could have gone with “Free” all these years, but I wanted to support the Toggl team. Can I ask if my historical data will still be available if I downgrade to Free? Just wish there is an option to support Toggl without a doubling of fee though.

    Thank you.

  8. Pavel

    Hi there, I’m new here, since I was looking for some good time tracking tool for our small group (10-15 designers). But hey guys, seriously? 5.880$ per year? No way, sorry :/! Even 600$ per year is a lot for the time tracking app. You’ve lost me before I even start with you. App is good, financial politics is terrible. Good luck with this strategy.

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Pavel, and I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. Ultimately the value of our app is very subjective and it’s usefulness depends from team to team, and I totally understand that our value add just might not make sense your workflow. We’ll be fleshing out a few of our plans over the next little while, so I do hope you stick around a bit longer and see if we can give you enough bang for your buck.

  9. Randy

    First of all I’d like to express my appreciation for your service. What I also appreciate is that you’re obviously not filtering the comments here although some of them are indeed quite heavy.

    I also appreciate your reminder which appears fair.

    We are a small team with 5 members. Some of them are not working full time just a few hours per week. In addition we often have freelancers coming and going. It really doesn’t make any sense to me to pay an annual fee for them.

    My personal price limit was actually $5 per seat/month. If it’s going up, I’m probably leaving although I found your service really useful but it has become too expensive.

    Anyway, I’ve seen that you’re offering a discount when switch to annual billing. I wonder what annual billing actually means. Does it mean you actually just bill annually or does it mean that I have to pay for each user always for a full year?

    To describe my situation:

    I have 5 teammebers. Sometimes we need more and sometimes we need less people. Till today I could just deactivate users that are inactive and they are not billed anymore the next month. But what happens now if I need a freelancer for just a few weeks (which happens frequently)? Do I have to pay for him for the full year just to have his stats in my project?

    Assuming the freelancer ‘Bob’ is in the team for lets say 6 weeks. He’ll leave then. A few weeks later ‘Alice’ joins the team. Do I have to pay for Alice for the whole year again even if I have already payed for ‘Bob’ who is inactive?

    How do you bill this situation?


  10. Solteo

    @Randy – anyway discount offering is valid just for another year. So even if you find a potential solution for your solution it will be a temporary one.

  11. Michael Armstrong

    I like this App a lot. I have been a paying customer for 2 years but a 100% price increase is too much for our needs. I do not want to pay for an annual plan either. I am switching to the paid version of

    Its fine to fire customers who do not fit your desired profile. I am not angry. Good luck with your new pricing model.

  12. Johnathon

    I have been using Toggl for several years, however the new pricing has motivated me to move on to another service at the end of my current subscription. There are other products out there at a competitive price. I feel this new pricing scheme is a luxury price without the luxury.

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Sorry you feel that way Johnathon. All I can say is that hopefully you can stick around and some of our new interface & feature updates over the next little while will give you what you need. We’ll be rolling out Toggl Insights to Premium & Enterprise users soon.

  13. Jari

    So – here we go. New pricing is effective, obviously I have downgraded to free plan. I am looking for reasonably priced alternative with Wunderlist integration (time tracking button etc.)

    Any suggestions? @Johnathon?

  14. Eike

    The price changes are very disappointing and do not justify the features by any means. I really like(d) toggl and have been a paying user since 2011 and recommended to lots of people but I am not willing to pay 10$/monthly for just time tracking.

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Sorry to hear that, Eike. We’re always tweaking our plans and updating our features to deliver the most value to existing users — along with our UI revamp, you’ll be seeing lots of our features get a fresh update over the next little while. I do hope you’ll stick around a bit longer to see if it works for you. 🙂

  15. J

    i’ll just rock out with the free for now while I investigate other tools. I can appreciate you’re wanting to increase revenue, but better plans for newer / cooler features would’ve been the route to take.

    double the price for the same features I had before at $5/mo, I can’t justify.

    best of luck with your new pricing models and endeavors though, truly is a great product and experience – though I do miss the old interface as well, the new one is a bit clunky…

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Thanks for the well wishes and the fair feedback, J. I should note that we are adding some new things to add even more value — notably, Toggl Insights which is a huge new feature that will soon be a part of the Premium & Enterprise packages for no extra cost.

  16. John

    Like many people here, I’ve canceled my subscription and will continue using free for now. I can not justify paying double the cost when there is no value I need added.

    Toggl please keep in mind there are many competitors out there that provide more for the free service, but I (like many) had no issues paying you $5/month.
    Please keep me posted if/when starter goes back to $5/month.

    Maybe Toggl thinks that with these price changes, if they can keep 50% of subscriptions their revenue will remain the same, but less ‘paid-for’ accounts for them to support?

    1. Naeem Talukdar Post author

      Sorry to hear, John. 🙁 We’re going to be fleshing out some of our plans a lot over the next few months… hopefully you’ll be able to get some more value for your situation.

  17. Kris

    just got the price bump to $10… I too wanted to pay to support toggl but now that the price has doubled i’ll go back to free. I pay $5/month for G Suite and get so much more…. Sorry Toggl and see ya.

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