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Changes to the Toggl Subscription Plan Names

We’re changing the names of the paid Toggl plans. Don’t worry, the prices will stay the same.

These changes are purely cosmetic and designed with future users in mind. If you’re an existing Toggl user, it’s business as usual.

What are the new plan names?

Toggl Starter

Toggl Pro will now be called Toggl Starter.

Toggl Premium

Formerly known as Toggl Pro Plus. Toggl Premium Includes everything in the Starter pack, plus one feature of your choice from the Enterprise suite.

The Premium plan will also include Toggl Insights – a new team and business profitability analytics feature, to be released soon.

Toggl Enterprise

Formerly known as Toggl Business. Toggl Enterprise will include all of the above, plus a handy set of advanced management level tools.



By On February 7, 2017

  1. just got the price bump to $10… I too wanted to pay to support toggl but now that the price has doubled i’ll go back to free. I pay $5/month for G Suite and get so much more…. Sorry Toggl and see ya.

  2. Like many people here, I’ve canceled my subscription and will continue using free for now. I can not justify paying double the cost when there is no value I need added.

    Toggl please keep in mind there are many competitors out there that provide more for the free service, but I (like many) had no issues paying you $5/month.
    Please keep me posted if/when starter goes back to $5/month.

    Maybe Toggl thinks that with these price changes, if they can keep 50% of subscriptions their revenue will remain the same, but less ‘paid-for’ accounts for them to support?

    • Sorry to hear, John. 🙁 We’re going to be fleshing out some of our plans a lot over the next few months… hopefully you’ll be able to get some more value for your situation.

  3. i’ll just rock out with the free for now while I investigate other tools. I can appreciate you’re wanting to increase revenue, but better plans for newer / cooler features would’ve been the route to take.

    double the price for the same features I had before at $5/mo, I can’t justify.

    best of luck with your new pricing models and endeavors though, truly is a great product and experience – though I do miss the old interface as well, the new one is a bit clunky…

    • Thanks for the well wishes and the fair feedback, J. I should note that we are adding some new things to add even more value — notably, Toggl Insights which is a huge new feature that will soon be a part of the Premium & Enterprise packages for no extra cost.

  4. The price changes are very disappointing and do not justify the features by any means. I really like(d) toggl and have been a paying user since 2011 and recommended to lots of people but I am not willing to pay 10$/monthly for just time tracking.

  5. So – here we go. New pricing is effective, obviously I have downgraded to free plan. I am looking for reasonably priced alternative with Wunderlist integration (time tracking button etc.)

    Any suggestions? @Johnathon?

  6. I have been using Toggl for several years, however the new pricing has motivated me to move on to another service at the end of my current subscription. There are other products out there at a competitive price. I feel this new pricing scheme is a luxury price without the luxury.

  7. I like this App a lot. I have been a paying customer for 2 years but a 100% price increase is too much for our needs. I do not want to pay for an annual plan either. I am switching to the paid version of

    Its fine to fire customers who do not fit your desired profile. I am not angry. Good luck with your new pricing model.

  8. @Randy – anyway discount offering is valid just for another year. So even if you find a potential solution for your solution it will be a temporary one.

  9. First of all I’d like to express my appreciation for your service. What I also appreciate is that you’re obviously not filtering the comments here although some of them are indeed quite heavy.

    I also appreciate your reminder which appears fair.

    We are a small team with 5 members. Some of them are not working full time just a few hours per week. In addition we often have freelancers coming and going. It really doesn’t make any sense to me to pay an annual fee for them.

    My personal price limit was actually $5 per seat/month. If it’s going up, I’m probably leaving although I found your service really useful but it has become too expensive.

    Anyway, I’ve seen that you’re offering a discount when switch to annual billing. I wonder what annual billing actually means. Does it mean you actually just bill annually or does it mean that I have to pay for each user always for a full year?

    To describe my situation:

    I have 5 teammebers. Sometimes we need more and sometimes we need less people. Till today I could just deactivate users that are inactive and they are not billed anymore the next month. But what happens now if I need a freelancer for just a few weeks (which happens frequently)? Do I have to pay for him for the full year just to have his stats in my project?

    Assuming the freelancer ‘Bob’ is in the team for lets say 6 weeks. He’ll leave then. A few weeks later ‘Alice’ joins the team. Do I have to pay for Alice for the whole year again even if I have already payed for ‘Bob’ who is inactive?

    How do you bill this situation?