I eat server load for breakfast

We Need More Backend Developers!

Mart Virkus 11th August, 2015 1 Comment

Thank god you’re here! Quick, take our job test and see if you can join the ranks of Toggl and Teamweek engineers.

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[Campaign] #TogglMyWhat to get a free iPad!

Annika Helendi 10th August, 2015 2 Comments

OK, maybe you don’t need an excuse for slacking, but if there’s ever a good reason, it’s this.

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stop selfies at work

A Simple 3-Way Strategy to Better Time Management

Dunja Lazic 6th August, 2015 No comments

Our screen addiction has turned into a procrastination addiction and we’re more exposed to distraction than ever.

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Who likes timesheets - toggl blog

Who Likes Timesheets? (Not You).

Mart Virkus 4th August, 2015 No comments

A few weeks ago we ran a little survey (as you may have noticed). This time around, we mostly did it with marketing in mind, but we did find a few things that we thought it’d be interesting to share with you as well.

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elMejorTrato - toggl blog

When You Go Remote, Staying Connected is Everything

Mart Virkus 31st July, 2015 2 Comments

We love hearing how other Toggl users manage their businesses, and we love sharing their stories. This time, Christian Ángel Rennella shares his company’s experience in transitioning from a physical office into a virtual team.

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bad manager spirit animals cover 2

6 Spirit Animals of Bad Managers [Infographic]

Mart Virkus 30th July, 2015 1 Comment

Managers sometimes get a bad rep – so much so that some are beginning to question if we need them at all? And while there’s a few bad apples in every basket, all is not lost for the bosses.

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