Teams work better thanks to these apps – Todoist, Zapier and Tweek

Dunja Lazic 6th July, 2016 No comments

The past few weeks have been pretty exciting for the software business with Todoist announcing its new collaboration features, Zapier releasing the long-awaited Excel integration and of course – our very own Teamweek announcing their new app – Tweek.

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What Can You Expect from Working at Toggl?

Mart Virkus 22nd June, 2016 1 Comment

As your team grows, you inevitably have to start thinking about scaling your culture. We recently sat down to think hard about what makes working at Toggl special.

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Who’s the best SEO, Designer or Mobile Dev? [Test]

Annika Helendi 9th June, 2016 3 Comments

Take the job test to score a Toggl t-shirt! Oh, and maybe, you know, join our awesome team?

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5 Extremely Useful Toggl Features You Didn’t Know About

Melissa Sepp 26th April, 2016 58 Comments

Recently we ran a survey asking users which features they would like to see most in Toggl – turns out the top 5 features users missed the most were the ones we’ve had for years.

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New Feature – Required Fields for Time Entries

Liisa Toompuu 7th April, 2016 30 Comments

Having trouble with incomplete time entries? Are your employees forgetting to add projects to their time entries? Toggl Business and Pro Plus admins can now specify what time entries have to look like before they can be added.

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How Much Money Can Time Tracking Save You?

Dunja Lazic 30th March, 2016 5 Comments

Last year we went to over 1,000 businesses using Toggl to get more insights into how time tracking helps their business. We already knew Toggl saves businesses a lot of time, but we wanted to have an better idea of how it affected their financials.

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