5 Awesome Things Toggl Button Can Do To Improve Your Workflow

Mart Virkus 16th August, 2016 5 Comments

We recently updated the Toggl Button again – here’s five reasons why you need it in your life.

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Save Your Reports to Find & Share Them Easier

Küllike Kimmel 11th August, 2016 7 Comments

Do you hate having to pull the same report over and over? Well, you don’t have to – with Toggl Pro you can save any report for easy access later!

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Why Less Time Spent Working Could Actually Increase Your Productivity

Dunja Lazic 8th August, 2016 No comments

When it comes to checking things off your to-do list, productivity seems relatively straightforward. Sure, there are tons of different popular hacks, tips, and techniques you can implement to maybe bump things up a notch.

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We Asked Our Remote Staff To Share Their Desks (To Fight Loneliness)

Naeem Talukdar 15th July, 2016 2 Comments

Toggl is a remote company – which means a good chunk of our employees don’t work from the office. In fact, we’re so far apart that we cover just about every single timezone & landmass (except Antarctica, but we’re working on that).

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Productivity on the Go: 5 Foolproof Tips for Business Travelers

Maja Žikić 14th July, 2016 No comments

Make the most of the time spent on the go and become a true road warrior! Proper preparation will not only make your business trip a safe one but more productive.

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On the Road: Digital Nomad’s Work Made Easy with Time Management

Maja Žikić 8th July, 2016 No comments

Are you sick of working in an office being stuck at your desk all day? Getting tired of the same, old playlist at your favorite coffee shop? Craving the outdoors?

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