Overhauled Basecamp integration and new languages

A new version of Toggl is launched! It was a busy two weeks and here are the things that got done.

Basecamp integration overhaul. We completely rewrote the whole Basecamp integration. The main goal was simplicity. That is why from now on you’ll find only one button to synchronize with Basecamp instead of 10.

The synchronize button
You might want to check out the Basecamp integration FAQ page to find out how this renewed feature exactly works.

New translations. About a week ago we made Toggl translations public so that anybody could translate it to his/her own language or fix/improve the present translations. During that short time a lot got done. Here are the changes that made it to today’s release:

  • added Danish (props to nanker)
  • added Dutch (props to Frenck and Voogel)
  • improved Estonian (props to Alari)
  • improved Finnish (props to Tuukka and Ismo Vuorinen)
  • improved French (props to stefjose)
  • improved Russian (props to Antons Matvejevs, Eugene Samsonov and Mikhael Korneev)

As you can see, there has been massive improvement in the quality and quantity of the translations. Great!

Other. There were also smaller modifications:

  • a date range selection box has been added to the “Tasks” page
  • CSV export for the weekly report

NB! We are still working on the new version of Toggl Desktop. We had plans to release it today but we hit some obstacles. No worries, we’ll overcome them soon.


Toggl Team

By On January 20, 2010

  1. Hi,

    Does the process import projects from Toggl into Basecamp, or only from Basecamp > Toggl? I currently manage all of my time and projects from Toggl and would like to import everything into my Basecamphq.

    Can you please clarify this?

    Thank you

  2. Jason, we are very sorry that this happened.

    A month ago we asked people who used our Basecamp integration if and how they would like this change. The majority was fine with our plans and so we made the change.

    However, we are going to make some adjustments. For example separate the import and export actions, so you could import without exporting tasks.

    We offered Jason that we’ll revert the changes. Since we know exactly which tasks were exported we can also remove them.

  3. You’re new Synchronize feature has totally just screwed me over here at work. It imported EVERY SINGLE PROJECT from Basecamp into Toggl and then exported EVERY SINGLE TIME ENTRY I ever had in Toggl to Basecamp……. What. The. ****.

    This is such a HUGE problem for me, I don’t even know where to begin fixing this. I’m forced to now go through my ENTIRE BASECAMP WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB because I did not want EVERY SINGLE TIME ENTRY EXPORTED TO BASECAMP!!! Do you guys not see how much of an issue this is?

    Thanks a Toggl team…this is shit storm you just caused me is going to take DAYS to sort out.

    Every single team member on our team is canceling their Toggl subscription. I’m also never reccomending Toggl to anybody again and in fact will go out of my way to warn them about Toggl.

    There wasn’t even a warning!!

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