Our Hiring Secret Weapon Launches New Version

Our hiring tool—Hundred5—has launched a brand new version.


Years ago we built our own hiring tool because we got tired of spending ridiculous amounts of time reading hundreds of resumes with little to no success.

Today, the situation has changed radically—in three years, we’ve hired 40+ people out of 35k applicants without reading a single CV.

With Hundred5, we now start our recruitment process by screening candidates’ skills as the first step—a quick test sorts out the least-suitable applicants and gives us a short list of the most capable ones to undergo. And this is the moment when human judgment takes over and decides who will be invited to the next round.

hiring candidates


The test-first approach has considerably reduced our costs and improved the quality of hires.

We’re still finding ways to refine the process and make the hiring process more and more enjoyable to candidates, too, but in the long run, we’ll continue with this approach indefinitely.

A brand new version of Hundred5

Starting from last Monday, the full version of Hundred5 is now available for everyone. It lets you attract, review and select the best talent together as a team.

You can build tests, automate the communication, reward best performers with a gift, and finally tie it all together into an engaging job post that will speak to those hard-to-reach passive job seekers, too.

And after you get started, Hundred5 walks you through the whole process and provides you with useful examples of all the necessary elements.

Give it a try! And let us know what you think.

By On August 17, 2017