Old version has been dropped


Like the title says, the old version of Toggl has been successfully dropped.

For old Toggl users: from now on, when logging in, you will be automatically redirected to the new version. All the data that you had in the old version is also present in the new version. You don’t have to do anything yourself but you might want to take a look at the introduction to new Toggl and the article on how to use the new timer.

For new Toggl users: nothing changes.


Toggl Team

By On January 19, 2011

  1. I am a new user. I never used the old interface. I really like the tool, it is simply great and easy to use. It works like my life, allows for lots of interruptions with the continue link.

    The tasks were confusing, I think some of the Knowledge base is not updated with the new lexicon. Even with that tasks provide two solutions. 1) One more level of activity definition. 2) A planning tool to estimate plan against actual. I only use 1) and need to use it for 1). But i spent an hour figuring out that one could do one without 2.

    cheers nice job.

  2. Not sure what errors you were ‘fixing’ with these changes.

    The newer version is not as malleable as the old one, and requires the user (me) to change the way I work in order to comply with the UI. That’s never good.

    Plus, I miss the easy pop-out web timer (great when working on client machines). What was your goal in dropping that?

  3. Really guys, the new interface is very confusing!!!
    I consider myself a computer super user, and I can’t figure out how to continue a task I stopped tracking a couple of months ago..

    If that isn’t a usability problem, I don’t know what it is.

    As other users (some of my clients and colleagues), I consider to use another service because of this f***** up interface…

    /Jacob, professional digital art director & designer

  4. What a disappointment to have the old version dropped. I plan to work on my own system, in order to get away from this ‘new’ oversimplified interface ;( I will keep Freshbooks, but for time keeping, I now consider toggl as broken.

  5. Hello,

    Could be nice that — for a while — you’d tell people after redirection that it’s not a mistake,
    but the new version has “TAKEN OVER”.

    It’s a bit confusing this way: without warning on the actual landing page.

    Otherwise, I’m a fan of your application !

    All the best,