Old Toggl Desktop (version 1.0.3 and lower) will be dropped on July 1st

We are going to drop the old API on July 1st. Since the old Toggl Desktop (the Windows-only desktop client with version number 1.0.3 and less) uses the old API, it will stop working.

We ask everybody who uses the old desktop app to upgrade to the newest version, 2.6.0. You can get it from our download page.

Toggl Team

By On June 16, 2010

  1. OK, I thought the new timer had removed the settings menu item, but I just discovered that it moved from the app to the system tray. Ugh! Good news is that it includes an option to use the “classic” interface, which is exactly what I want.


    Now quit moving stuff around 🙂

  2. I’ve been using toggle for a few years now. I find the new version of the desktop client much less usable than the old one. Rather than seeing a list of recent tasks that I can resume with one click, I find myself having to constantly use the ” ” icon to resume old tasks.

    Yes, it’s nicer looking, but why do you keep changing the way toggl works? I just don’t want to continue having to re-learn toggle with your “improvements”, particularly when the old version worked just fine.

    I really want to like toggle and resume my Pro account, but you continue to make changes to how the tools work and how the reports are configured.

  3. Nice version but what I miss is:

    * View report-link
    * Hide task/projects/clients
    * Todays tasks on top in the list


  4. Hi David,

    this is a public section of our blog, and all of the comments are visible to everyone in the Internet. Feel free to contact us directly on email –

    We deliberately removed the Hide task feature, as it was quite rarely used. Is this something you’d miss?



  5. Hi Alari,

    Sorry I did not think this would have been a publicly displayed email. I also did not not know you replied until I coincidentally came back to this page – no email was received?

    I rarely use the browser other than for reports. This is just the Toggl Desktop (classic). Yes I have tried the other timers but only classic allows me to see all my recent tasks and resume anyone of them by scrolling through the full list.

    At our prompting I just tried to compare them again and had a lot of difficulty getting classic nova to come up – it would hide off screen even though I stopped and started toggl itself. Had to reset screen settings and when it did I have discovered a new layout which is more like 1.03 and looks easier to use than classic.

    Sorry I thought I had been through all the options previously but I can only assume that though I changed the settings it did not really differ so I stayed with
    classic. If I see connection/delay issues I will let you know. Hoping it’s good…how do I hid a task?

  6. Hi David,

    is slowness also a problem with Toggl main site? Or is it just with the new Toggl Desktop?

    Have you tried to switch to the new Classic timer with Toggl Desktop? You can do it by right-clicking the tray icon -> Settings -> Timer Classic Nova.

    Please let me know if the speed problems persist with the new timer!

  7. When I received this noticed I immediately upgraded but the new toggl desktop has been a nightmare.

    It is very slow to respond to mouse clicks so I ended up creating multiple tasks or clicking the wrong ones.

    The font is too small and the fact that the lines auto appear means I regularly click the wrong task.

    The connection speed is very slow.

    I have wasted so much time waiting for toggl to respond, having to move slowly and deliberately around the tasks waiting for lines to appear/disappear that I am on the verge of dropping toggl completely and I have been otherwise happy for 2 years.

    The user experience even changing to the other modes is terrible.

    I had convinced a colleague to use toggl prior to this notice and it was a good experience but now he has dropped it because it has been a nightmare for him.

    Please provide a better desktop tool or retain the old version.