Official Toggl Desktop released!

We’re glad to announce the first release of Toggl Desktop, our little timetracking device for your desktop. It is available for download at Toggl main page.

Toggl Desktop login screen

We have taken our one year experience with Toggl and your very helpful feedback and came up with quite radical changes:

  • No need to mark your tasks completed anymore
    Closing tasks is not necessary anymore, Toggl Desktop takes care of it when a new day begins.
  • Easier handling of recurring tasks
    Toggl Desktop remembers the tasks you worked on during the last seven days and shows you these names as quick links to start tracking time on the task. The task will automatically track time with the current date.
  • Better overview of time spent on a task
    You can see time spent on a task or project during this week by simply hovering your mouse over its name.

Toggl Desktop at work:

Toggl Desktop at work

Even though Toggl Desktop is still in beta, it is fully functional for tracking time without logging on to the web page.

Current version is usable in Windows only and needs .NET framework 2.0 to be installed. Get your Toggl Desktop now!

Enjoy the new Toggling experience and tell us what you think of it!

By On September 17, 2007

  1. Why are the items per Project ordered alphabetically? I realy would like to have the option to put them in order of the time of entry…

  2. Hi Pavel. We have already implemented proxy support and are currently testing it. So, expect a new release with proxy support very soon ! 🙂

  3. Hi!

    I’ve foung Toggl tool quite usefult, but I can’t use Toggl Desktop because of proxy. It seems proxy is an open question since 2007. Is there any hope to see Toggl Desktop working behind proxy, which is used in all enterprises? 🙂


  4. Victor, the current version of Toggl Desktop does not work behind a proxy yet. We’ll implement a support for it soon.

  5. heya,

    Also, I should mentioned I’m behind a proxy, not sure if that makes any difference.


  6. David, gmail sign in cannot be used with Toggl Desktop for technical reasons. You have to use your Toggl account.

  7. I’ve been looking for this for ages …. but can you fix the desktop so that it runs through a proxy ….. please …..

  8. Brandie, yes it can be done. There is a user setting under “My Settings” called “Start tasks automatically in the Timer”. That one just does that.

    Since the web version of Timer already has the “Calculate” button then we’ll add one for the Toggl Desktop soon.

  9. aeternus, currently there is no possibility to use Google signin with Toggl Desktop. You have to use your Toggl account. When you registered using Google, then an email was sent to you from Toggl with your account’s password. In short, there are two ways of signing in to Toggl. If you prefer Google signin, you can use that, or if you would like to use your Toggl account, you can use that one. The Google singin is just for signing in, nothing else. If you have forgotten your Toggl account’s password, you can get a new one using the “Forgot password” feature.