Office Prank – Boosting Creativity at Toggl

Here at Toggl we have always encouraged our people to take on daring side projects. Side projects are a really good way of stepping out of the box and boosting creativity. Today, after being separated from the Toggl family for three long weeks, I returned to my rightful place at the office. Before once again starting my online timer I noticed that one such side project had been successfully completed while I was away.

Toggl Online Timer, Office Prank
A workspace every Pink Panther dreams about

I was told that the project was a real team effort with a strict time frame and fast execution. Also there might have been some laughs and giggling involved.

But the fun didn’t stop there. As we all know it’s kind of hard to get the ball rolling after a vacation so the Toggl team set out to speed up the process for me. They hid 31 ponies all around the desk for me to find and activate my reflexes.

Toggl Online Timer, Office Prank
So far I’ve managed to find 14 and counting…

After some consideration I decided to keep the pink borders on my screens to keep the good vibes going for longer.

Pink borders
It actually looks pretty good this way?!
By On April 29, 2013

  1. Well, this is softcore compared to what my colleagues did to myworkplace: they also wrapped my entire desk, all phone cords (yes, the phone cords!) and other cords, the garbage bin, the lamp, entire chair, all items on my desk and even my flip-flops 😀 In my case, everything was blue. 🙂