Now it’s easy to translate Toggl into your own language

Many of our users have offered help with translating Toggl into their own language or fix existing ones. It has been a bit cumbersome changing translations by email and we decided to make adding new and fixing existing translations a lot easier for our users.

We are now hosting our translations in Launchpad, which enables you to add and modify them. The only prerequisite is a Launchpad account (which is free).

How to help us with having better translations in your own language:

1) Go to Launchpad and create an account if you already don’t have one.

2) Type “Toggl” into to the search box and open the project.

3) Change/add/modify/update.


Toggl Team

P.S. Good news are coming soon for all you Linux/OSX/Win hackers. We are releasing Toggl Desktop as open source by the end of this January!

By On January 11, 2010

  1. how embarrassing …. I should have checked before …. the available languages, not just reading through this blog for mentioned translation project :/

    Pls delete my post before anyone mock me and throw me pebbles

  2. Anyone for a French translation ? C’mon guys, I’m sure you don’t all speak English in any/all of the 53 French speaking countries ?

  3. Wow – you can use this software for free and want money for the translation? I am impressed guys.

    Toggl your product is amazing! To bad the pro product is to expensive for my need otherwise I would switch to a pro account.

  4. Hello everybody. What’s with the Serbian language, are you planning to implement it? If so, I’m glad to take a part…

    • Hello Feng, we really appreciate your undertaking! The translation will be added soon. Will keep you informed!

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