Now! First Time Upgraders Get 6 Months of Pro For Only $20

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Update: Pro plan offers bigger team size, billable rates, rounding, decimals and much more.

Toggler on a free plan? It’s time to join the Toggl Pro club where ‘Pro’ is for ‘Productive’. Upgrade to Toggl Pro by making a pre-payment for 4 months (for a single user it’s $20) and you’ll get an additional 2 months for free!

Just go to your Subscription page to get this great deal!

NB: This limited offer is valid only until October 12th, see the campaign rules.

By On September 30, 2014

  1. @Sue At some point, did you click the “No thanks” link on the Subscription page? Doing this disables the offer and you won’t see it again. The offer is still valid until Oct 12th and we can help you out with it. Just please contact

  2. This is confusing, your post implies if I pay for 4 months as a single user I would still get 2 month free. You then say go to the subscription page. That offer is not on the subscription page, which leaves me not knowing what to do.

  3. I agree with the rest of pro users here that showing this campaign notification to people who are already paying for it is a bit sloppy. I love toggl and our team uses it daily, but your marketing team does seem a bit “liberal” in use of notifications (there is also that dreaded “share toggle” popup at the bottom of the page) . Remember: my time tracking tool should help me be productive, not distract me.

  4. Showing this to people that are already pro seems pretty lazy. Its easy to do, so should be better better targetted to avoid annoying users.

    We really like using Toggl and its a great service, so just hope you improve for future campaigns and look forward to existing-member offers in Dec.

  5. @Mat – Sorry for giving this kind of impression with this campaign. As said before, we will have a similar campaign for Pro plan users in December. So it’s more about timing than anything else.

    @Todd – The reasoning behind moving to a newer version of Toggl has been explained by our CEO here –

    @Meg – Could you contact our Support team – – with this issue? Please also add your workspace name to the e-mail so we could investigate this.

  6. I took you up on this offer and have a receipt to show payment. . yet nothing’s changed. If anything, I’m getting more pop-up ads and redirects to sign up for the pro plan. Which, as you might imagine, is not a good way to spend – much less track- my time.

  7. Mat, that was evident when they disregarded a barrage of usability criticism of the redesign from long time users by saying “well, it must be better because new signup numbers are up.”

  8. Well, it seems like you’re becoming another company for whom “new customers” figure is THE most important one. Not nice towards already paying customers…

  9. Thanks for all the feedback! The Pro plan benefits are listed in several places inside Toggl, but evidently they are not so easy to find – that’s on us and we’ll try to improve it. As Indrek already pointed out, you can see the list of features for Pro vs Free plans here –

    @Michael – For current Pro plan users we offer a deal ‘Pay for a year in advance and get 10% extra credit on your account’. This can also be found on the Subscription page. In addition to this, we will announce another campaign for long-time users some time in December as we have done every year. So follow our blog and twitter (@toggl) to get the latest updates!

  10. You might want to think about targeting your “news” banner to accounts which are actually eligible for this as it’s just annoying for those of us that already pay.