New .xls export format!

NOTE: This post is very, very old. To learn how exporting an .xls file works in the new Toggl web, head to the Toggl support page.

As promised for some time, the .xls export format of the Time Entries’ report that used to be quite limited has now been updated.

The new format has all the expected fields in it. Also notice that:

  • New columns include Tasks and Dates.
  • You can export your time durations as rounded as well as decimal figures.

(Click on the image to see the details.)

By On November 23, 2011

  1. Hey,

    I would love the feature to select certain fields before exporting. For example: I dont want my client to see the exact time i worked for him.. just the date and how long.

    Or is that already possible as a Pro?