New version released

Another week, another version. It is now possible to get to the project page straight from time entry:

Project shortcut

The link “View project” will take you this projects view. Here are couple of other new features – first, the project page has been re-ordered so that team and tasks are at the top, to provide easier access to most used functions. Another, this time a pro feature is setting rate for team members within a project:

Team member billable rate

Just click on “set rate” and you can set individual rates for team members, which are then used in reporting. If no individual rate is set, project or client specific rate is used.

As always, your feedback is appreciated (just use the “Ask a question”-link within Toggl)!

By On April 26, 2011

  1. @Olivier

    It depends on the workspace setting “Only admins can see billable rates”. If it’s enabled, only admins see the rates, if it’s disabled, admins and project managers can see the rates.

  2. great features and improvement, thanks !

    Quick question, if I set rates for the project members, who will see the rates? The project manager(s)? only admin if I selected the option?