New version of Toggl Desktop – with Autopilot

We released a new version of Toggl Desktop today – 2.6.0. Here is a list of changes compared to the previous version (2.5.1):

Autopilot is now out of beta and inside Toggl Desktop. What is Autopilot, you ask? Autopilot studies the applications (and the words in the title bar) you use while tracking different projects. After a short study period, it can give you suggestions on what project to track, based on the application currently in focus. Since it matches your projects with the application and the words in the title bar then you can use the same set of tools on different projects and Autopilot can tell them apart.

When you have a tendency to forget switching off the timer when finishing a task, you’ll find Autopilot quite useful. It will also help you catch all the seconds when your work time is very fragmented across different projects.

If you get a chance to test-drive the Autopilot for a day or two, it would be great if you could fill out a very short survey (takes about 2 minutes) about how useful you found it. That would help us improve it.

NB! Autopilot works currently only with timer Nano! Support for the new Classic will follow soon. Old Classic will not have Autopilot support. You might want to check out the Autopilot FAQ page as well.

New Classic timer
You can now use the new Classic timer inside Toggl Desktop. It has been added to the list of available timers. Simply right-click the system tray icon and select “Timer Classic Nova”.

Improved offline support
Many small fixes to improve the behaviour in offline mode.

Download the new Toggl Desktop.

NB2! The new version is available for Windows and Mac. Linux users must wait a bit until we get Autopilot working their OS too.


Toggl Team

By On June 2, 2010

  1. Repeating a question I posted on an earlier post, I use a locked PC, and couldn’t install the Toggl Desktop version. But I managed to install it on another PC and copy the files to this one, it works when I am connected directly to the internet, but not when I am connected through my office internet. I guess some firewall blocks the communication. Will there be a version that can be used in locked down pcs and networks?

  2. Hi, I think autopilot is a gread feature. I don know if version 2.6 is avaliable for debian or ubuntu users, beacause yesterday I download toggl and was the 2.5.1.


  3. @Valeri – That is okay if you use the same set of tools because Autopilot actually does not care about the tool but the words in the tool’s title. So, if you use the same applications but in different projects the title is different (perhaps a different file name in the title), Autopilot can tell the difference.
    I’ll update the post to make this a bit more clear. Thanks for the comment!

    @Matt – Thank you and cheers!

  4. This is great! I use Toggl Desktop exclusively and I was looking forward to being able to use that new Timer Classic Nova. It’s so slick.

    I hope autopilot for Timer Classic Nova is next. 😉

    Keep up the awesome work.

  5. I might be missing some point, but professionals seem to use the same set of tools every day.

    Seems useless for any sort of designer/developer.