New version of Toggl Desktop – with proxy support

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We just released a new version of Toggl Desktop – 2.6.1.

List of changes:

    • All the settings are now inside one settings window. Right-click on the system tray menu and select “Settings”.
    • Proxy support. The new settings window includes options to set up the application to work behind a proxy.
    • The Mac version does not litter user’s home folder any more and all the application specific files are now located under ~/Library/Application Support/.
    • Autopilot improvements. You can now help us improve Autopilot by allowing the application to upload anonymous accuracy statistics. You can do it by checking the checkboxes in the Autopilot settings window:

You can download the new version from Toggl Desktop download page.

Toggl Team

By On June 21, 2010

  1. I’m confused about the proxy configuration. My company has a proxy config, but I can access without issue. The desktop app seems to be able to check for the latest version just fine, but regardless of proxy configuration I enter, it’s in offline mode as long as I’m on my corporate network.

  2. Hi,

    I am not shure how to configure Toggl Desktop for Mac to work behind a proxy. There is no settings or preferences. It would be great if you could give a hint, maybe directly to my email address.

    Thanks, Stefan

  3. @Dee – You are probably talking about the web interface, not Toggl Desktop. We have plans to drop support for IE7 in the next couple of months, so I recommend upgrading to IE8 or to a bit more modern browser like Firefox or Safari.

    @Francesco – You can select which timer you want to use with Toggl Desktop. You probably used Classic timer before but the default in Toggl Desktop is Nano. Right-click on the system tray icon and click “Settings” to change it.

  4. The new interface with no quick search bar is too overwhelming for me. Toggl had a good potential, but was never capable to move steps forward in the usability directions. Bugs, less intuitive interface… For me (premium user) it’s time to move over.

  5. The new version is not properly viewing in IE 7. Getting script errors and cannot see the project panel on the right.

  6. great service & product, but … please please please create the google apps free application, so serious companies can do a single logon in their gmail hosted custom domain email, and access all the features you offer to gmail users.