New version of the iPhone app and other updates

This is an outdated blog post. Get the latest iPhone app.

Hey, we launched a new version 27 minutes ago. This release is mostly about maintenance: a lot of effort went into stabilizing Toggl. So, refresh your browsers or Toggl Desktop (right-click inside the application and “Reload”).

A list of visible changes:

  • the date frame on the “Tasks” page is now remembered;
  • “previous” and “next” period buttons in the reports and on the tasks page;
  • Nano Nova is now the default timer for new users; old Nano is no longer developed and it will be replaced by the Nova soon;
  • version 1.1 of our iPhone application went live on February 26th; it includes several fixes and small improvements;
    Toggl iPhone application
  • a few changes in the API (mostly concerning authentication);
  • massive Spanish translation improvements (props to Miren Berasategi and felipunk);
  • improvements with the German translation (thanks to Skimi);
  • improvements with the Danish language (thanks to nanker).


Toggl Team

By On March 3, 2010

  1. Hey Victor. Proxy support IS in our future plans. In 2007 we had the old Windows-only Toggl Desktop and if I remember correctly then it had proxy support. The current one is a completely new and cross-platform application and we haven’t had the time to implement proxy support for it yet. But no worries, it will come soon.

  2. heya,

    Is there any reason that proxy support isn’t in future plans?

    There was a mention of a attempting to fix the broken proxy support here back in 2007:

    However, has that been shelved? A lot of us, particularly in corporate settings are behind proxies. Is it technically quite a big thing to get the proxy support done?

    (It’d be cool if you had a voting feature request system, a bit like Dropbox’s Votebox


  3. JG – You can report bugs when you are logged into Toggl and click the “Feedback” link. Currently there is no mechanism to view active bugs. Your feedback is much appreciated!

  4. Do you have a mechanism to report and view bugs/issues? Particularly with the iPhone app. I think it is great but I’d think you’d benefit from the user feedback towards improving it. Let me know.

  5. MS, it seems that the application can not or does not want to synchronize changes to the server. I’m sorry, I’m not sure why it does not work correctly. We’ll start working on the iPhone app issues very soon. There are many bugs to be fixed.

  6. Regarding the iPhone App –

    It looks to me as though the controls on the iPhone app don’t really work. It works fine for *viewing* the current status of your toggl (whether it’s currently timing or not) and historical info. It does *not* appear to successfully turn off the timer or turn it on. If my timer is running, I can turn it off via the iPhone app, but when i refresh the status, I see that it hasn’t actually turned anything off. Same thing happens when I turn the timer on if it’s off. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. @Rob – Yes, an Android application is in our plans. I can’t give you any ETA yet, but that won’t happen in the very near future.