This is an outdated blog post. Get the latest iPhone app.

Hey, we launched a new version 27 minutes ago. This release is mostly about maintenance: a lot of effort went into stabilizing Toggl. So, refresh your browsers or Toggl Desktop (right-click inside the application and “Reload”).

A list of visible changes:

  • the date frame on the “Tasks” pageĀ is now remembered;
  • “previous” and “next” period buttons in the reports and on the tasks page;
  • Nano Nova is now the default timer for new users; old Nano is no longer developed and it will be replaced by the Nova soon;
  • version 1.1 of our iPhone application went live on February 26th; it includes several fixes and small improvements;
    Toggl iPhone application
  • a few changes in the API (mostly concerning authentication);
  • massive Spanish translation improvements (props to Miren Berasategi and felipunk);
  • improvements with the German translation (thanks to Skimi);
  • improvements with the Danish language (thanks to nanker).


Toggl Team