New version of Android app released

We kicked off Fri 13th with a new version of our Android application. You can download it here.

QR code with the link:

By On January 13, 2012

  1. I stopped using toggl for a while, and want to start using it again. What bothers me tho, is that my session expires all the time. When I hide the app to do other stuff, and return to toggl, I have to log in again each time.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the last 2 posts. I need to see the timer in the status bar or I will invariably forget to turn it off. Its a must have feature for me.

  3. I second the status bar existence! I hate realizing 12 hours later that I forgot to stop a job.

    Additionally, I have been having issues selecting time when trying to add an event ex post facto. I tried touching in the box, but it doesn’t appear to allow me to change it–just share, lookup, and email or something. Thanks.

  4. I would like to see it stay in the status bar as previous one because in this way I can know that the clock is ticking obviously.

    But the new app will just hide into the background when I click the home button.

    Some people might forget this after switching to other apps while they actually want to track their time.

    Anyway, still good to see this update, keep on working 😛

  5. hi, how can I directly get the Toggl from the web site?
    because i can not download apps from google play easily

  6. Alari, does it make any sense to make an app that almost equals to the web-based version? Now, I have to continue using the HTML version because it works faster and is more reliable.

  7. I like the layout of the toggl app, however I do not find a new widget for this app – is this coming as well??

  8. Nice! Long email address (mine) don’t scroll horizontally, so it was a struggle to get it right when I first entered it.

  9. Hey,

    Just a quick opinion: The toggl app has been extremly slow for me when updating the tasks. Using your website via my browser on my galaxy tab is much better. All in all I find the app quite unnecessary.