New user interface launched!

The new user interface has now been launched!

It’s a complete redesign with a fresh approach on every single page. It’s also important to note that this is just the first iteration of our new application design. During the next two weeks we’ll work on the reports and dashboard pages.

New interface

Other updates:

  • the sign up form on the public page has been replaced by the log in form;
  • VAT code has been added to the Premium payment receipt;
  • rounding to 4 hours has been added to the reports;
  • we have improved the performance of Toggl.

Your feedback on the new Toggl is most welcome!


Toggl Team

By On October 7, 2009

  1. Hello Jaanus, I’m happy to hear that you’re listening. I’ll try to find the time to list up a few things. But just to clarify: in lots of ways the new layout is better, too. It’s just that there are a few, like you say, friction points that leave (at least) me a bit confused.

    I’ll get back to you sometime this week.

  2. Hi Antti. We are very interested in making Toggl user-friendly. Maybe you could tell us specifically what is wrong with the new interface, what exactly are the new friction points? You can send us a mail to our support mail address. Thanks!

    You can find your hours from reports. Just enter a custom date range (Oct 15th).

  3. I’m disappointed. The new UI introduces very many non-standard elements, which makes it necessary to “learn” how to use the site instead of intuitiveness. This essentially violates the most basic web design rule: “Don’t make me think”.

    Not saying it’s all bad, mostly it works and usually even when you have to think, it’s pretty straightforward, but not always. I can tell that your UI designer isn’t up-to-date with the contemporary design standards.

    What makes matters a bit worse, you removed some of your (non-standard) UI features from the previous design that I had already learned to use. Now I don’t know how to do the same things anymore.

    (I want to report my hours from Thu 15th Oct – is there any easy way to find this info now?).

  4. Very nicely done. I have only used Toggl for a few weeks, but find the upgrade straightforward in appearance and better in functionality and speed. I particularly like the ability to log time after the fact. Many times, I am away from the desk and Web all day, but then need to log time against projects at the end of the day.

  5. @David – Yes, our binary is for Ubuntu and Debian. We’ll release a RPM soon. Sorry, but open-sourcing is not in our plans 🙂
    @Lorraine – I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. Maybe you could send us a screenshot of this issue to our support email address. Also add your browser name and version.

  6. @jaanus

    thanks for the re-feedback 🙂 I am using gentoo linux. Your binary (prepared for Ubuntu, I assume) doesn’t work there because of dynamic library versioning issues.

    I use this opportunity to encourage you to open source the desktop client 😉

  7. re the ‘planned tasks’ overlay directly on top of team members issue, is there a planned date for this to be fixed? (eg., I still can’t assign the first 3 members of my team as project leads/managers)