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We’ve been busy working on a new version of Toggl in recent months. To help you get started with New Toggl we’ll be having a series of blog posts that give you a side-by-side overview of what’s changed, topic by topic.

New Timer page. We’re starting the series off with a new Timer page. Here’s how it looks like (full size image here):

New Toggl timer page

No big changes in the Timer, aside from the fact it is now more compact and only takes one line.

Project selection. After entering the description you can click on “Select project” which holds the first of notable improvements.

New Toggl Project drop down list

You can now use the intelligent search for finding projects easily. Also available are tasks and the ability to add a new project straight from the list. And scrolling the whole list is still possible if you prefer that.

Billable flag. After selecting the project you can easily select tags and set billable flag (if you are a Pro user) and then you have the option of setting the duration. That is another of the improvements:


Footer chart. In New Toggl there is no sidebar. The familiar pie chart of old has taken a form of a ribbon chart and resides at the bottom of the screen. You can disable it or exchange with the Timeline chart from the settings, along with offline controls:


Feedback button. And to help you all participating in making the New Toggl the best Time Tracking tool on the web there’s a feedback button on top of the page. We appreciate all feedback on functionality, support requests and – of course – praise through this view 🙂


 Best wishes from your Support Team.

By On October 7, 2013

  1. New Toggl does not work for us because we don’t seem to be able to select a “Task” within a project when starting the timer.

    Please don’t get rid of Old Toggl until this feature is implemented.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the comms. : -)

    Christian, thanks for your suggestion about reporting, we’ve noted it. Regarding adjusting time entries, the way it works hasn’t changed, we just hope to make it more user friendly.

    Carolina, glad to hear you enjoy using Toggl. Of course, it’d be great if you would post information about us in your Blog. There’s no specific template, but you can check out this site for logos and images that might be helpful: . Thanks

    Jose, you can add billable rates in the current version as explained here: . As the setup is not available yet in the new version, I recommend you to apply billable rate settings from current version, which will then be reflected in New Toggl.

    Regarding reporting, under Reports tab in New Toggl when you filter to a specific project, only tasks under that project will appear under Task filter. Hope this helps.

    Henry, thanks for the feedback, unfortunately we don’t plan to reintroduce fixed fees. But we’ll keep the request in mind.

    Ellie, yes we changed the color coding, soon you will be able to edit the colors for your projects.

    Simon, the „Load more“ option is new, previously you could only see this data in your reports. Also, pls check my answer to Jose about Reports.

  3. I see a “Load more” button in the first screenshot, not sure what to make of it. Right now I can see up to two weeks of entries on the tracker page, and I can use Ctrl F to find a recent entry that I want to continue. Are you going to display only a couple of days worth of entries now? That would be a definite step back in usability.

    Also, I second Jose’s request for a task filter option on the reports screen.

  4. Did the color coding of projects change? It seems to me that when I previously tinkered with New Toggl, there were more different colors for projects. Today my projects are only in two different colors even though there’s more than two different projects I’ve tracked.

  5. I’m very pleased with Toggl and it has all the features that I need in an easy to use interface. Unfortunately, the only feature that isn’t available (or was before) is the option to included a fixed fee.

    In my organization, we primarily estimate projects and assign the client a fixed fee. We’d like to be able to compare our time spent against the fixed fee that we estimated using the reports feature.

    Will you be reimplementing the fixed fee option again?


  6. Is there a way to add Billable time instead of just a flag? What would be great is if that we can say a task took 1.4 hours but is 2 billable hours (in a separate field).

    In addition, a report by project task. Right now, we can only filter tasks by project, but if we want to see only a specific task within the project we cannot.


  7. Hi Ana!

    Great news about New Toggl 🙂

    We are so happy using your service. It has been very useful for our social organization.

    We want to spread the word about Toggl. Could we post information about your service in our Blog?

    Let me know if you have any template for posting this kind of recommendation.

    Best regards,

  8. Just make sure to still enable users to create and adjust timing records with impunity (start time, end time, duration, etc.) just like today. That’s critical to what puts Toggl above most time tracking solutions in my book. It would also be great if your reporting could remember settings like decimal time display!!

    Can’t wait to get into the new version of the site!