Update: Use this link –  https://new.toggl.com to access Toggl New.

As we promised, we are going to release instructive blog posts about Toggl New to our users – all of this to make using Toggl New even more easier for you. It´s time to move forward from the track page and see how our Reporting has been improved.

1. Summary Report

blog reporting parem värviline

Filter – firstly, we have made using the Filter function much easier for you. All of the filters (except the filter for Billable/Non-Billable) have the same view, which makes picking the right items very easy for you. Also, if you have filtered your data by a certain project(s), then the filter for tasks gives you results specific only to the project(s).

Don´t forget that you have to click the ‘Filter’ button to activate changes you made to filters.

Export to PDF – not much to say, but it looks a lot more attractive and it´s a lot faster as well, and of course, you are still able to export your data into CSV and XLS as well.

Grouping and Sorting your data has also improved a lot. In Summary Report, you can group your data by Project/Client/User and you can also Subgroup it by Time Entry/Task/User. A lot more possibilities to view your data in different ways.

2. Detailed Report

overview reporting detailed2värviline

The Calendar Selection is very simple to use. Either select reporting timeframes by clicking on calendar dates or use quick selectors (This Year, This Month, This Week etc) on the bottom part of the popup.

Don´t forget to click the “Apply” button after you have made your selection. When you have picked the right time span, you can simply use Arrow Keys to move back or forward in your calendar and at the same time maintaining your filters.

Sorted By filter – in Detailed Report, your data can be sorted by many options – by Date/Time, Description, Duration and User. The result order can also be set by you – from A-z or from Z-a, in alphabetical order.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, then it´s all welcome to support@toggl.com

Best wishes from your Support Team!